A 5th of Blues

A 5th of Blues


Jumping, swinging, rocking, danceable, soulful, fun-time music! The band's one-of-a-kind sound is due to the broad variety of individual talents we bring together in this solid, soulful unit. We really have fun when we play, and our audience does, too. We play familiar, fun songs.


We have THREE Lead Vocalists that allows us to really stretch out covering a wider range of song selections. We are not just a band, but friends that truly look out for one another...we know what BAND means...together.We enjoy each other's company and the commradery is what makes the music so very good. Having diverse members and backgrounds, our influences are from the OLD School Blues to the Cutting edge modern Blues and R&B. We Swing, jump, cry, dance and boogie.

Set List

Rock This House , Devil Woman , Tina Nina Nu, Red House, Hip Shake, Born In Chicago, My Babe, Crossroads, Daddy Pinocchio, Get Ready, Blow Wind Blow, Say It's Not So, Big Town Playboy, She's a Wrong Woman, Baby Why (original), Hoochie Koochie Man, Telephone Blues, You Need Love (Original), Hurt So Bad, Low Down Dirty Shame, Tramp, Backdoor Man, Love Sick Baby, Bow Wow Wow Wow, Messin' With the Kid, Big Mary's, Rock Me, Stormy Monday, Ain't No Sunshine, Gravity, Pass The Biscuits (original), Baby What You Want Me to Do, I Ain't Drunk,