New York City, New York, USA

Late November music, not fall, not quite winter. Haunting electro-acoustic folk. An old vacant house, a tiny island, hearing your name called while walking on a crowded street. Memories leaving you unsure of who they belong to.


Lovers of melody and noise, friends to the animals, April and Robert live in Bushwick, Brooklyn where they jam on guitar, drums and piano or don their headphones to make sonic sculptures. Later they put it all together in songs by the Torch Keys. Both have experience playing free jazz, rock, electronic music and writing their own compositions. They can find something they love in almost any genre of music and enjoy pulling sonic bits out from their record collection to play on the turntables.

April started out as a drummer and singer with several bands before concentrating on laptop improvisation and experimental music. She then found her way back to the basics of voice and guitar and spent some time writing songs. Robert is a classical and jazz pianist who writes his own compositions and for this band plays juno, turntables and any other instrument he decides to add to the mix.


Transit of Venus, 2005

Set List

40-60 min set
Back Bay
Africa Song
Strange Days
Gloomy Sunday
33 Rivers