Aara Krishna

Aara Krishna


I am a Software Engineer by Profession; Music composer, guitarist & vocalist by hobby. I was born and brought up in Coimbatore, a vibrant city in Southern India. I now live in suburbs of Charlotte, NC.


I believe music is something that is inside/out, not outside/in. When I rely on myself for inspiration and stay true to myself rather than using any external stimulants, I get an unbiased opportunity to express myself positively and originally through music.

I have a day job which I do with lot of passion and intensity. I have a wonderful family, beautiful wife and 2 wonderful kids. I always struggle to find the right balance between family and music but feel grateful for the fantastic moments I get in both.


Go Beyond

Written By: Aara Krishna

So many things, to hold you back.
So many ways, to give you flack.
So many times, to derail your track.
So many jibes, to paint you slack.

Now you let them, know the knack, let you crack and whack your tack.
Now you let them, thwart support, slap distort and wreck your part.

Go beyond, hey hey just go beyond!

Pause to check, your premise.
Loosen the chains, let them wane off.
Dust off your dreams, pull it off.
Give it your all, sweat out hard.

Look within, for passion in life, for strength to bounce, for courage to change.
You have to make it, for the ones you love, who stood by you, in rain and shine.

Go beyond, hey hey leap and go beyond!

"Unjudgemental mind, unconditional heart, untiring intellect, unconquerable spirit, agile body, religion-less worship, altruistic society, borderless world...these are the options for unlimited possibilities!" ~ Aara

Reward yourself, for the strides you make.
But never forget, the humble start.
Look around, take all along.
There’s lot more joy, when you share it with all.

Now you know, it’s all within, you came with it, yes always with it.
And now you know, was never others, was all the way you, who kept you down.

Go beyond, hey hey go further beyond!


Go Beyond is my first composition in English