Aardvark Ruins

Aardvark Ruins

 Santa Rosa, California, USA

If the Mbuti pygmies mixed and mastered Little Creatures, or if Prince had chosen to study the anthropology of bird songs during 1999's conception, we would have heard these sounds before. Thank the heavens it all went down the way it did, because Aardvark Ruins is here to pick up the slack.


Beginning with a 70's covers band at the respective ages of 10 and 11, these children are men and woman now, with a burning desire to set your pants on fire. Aardvark Ruins was born out of a vigorous wish for dance and touch, movement guided by searing sounds not often ingested. When it comes to the future, they scream, "We're off to give the redwoods their voice again I think!".


Paths - LP (2010)