Aaron Joseph Newman
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Aaron Joseph Newman

Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver, Colorado, United States
Duo Hip Hop Indie




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Still working on that hot first release.



Aaron Joseph Newman a neo-hop group formed in 2007 with lead
 vocalist Aaron!! and engineer/producer Kori Munson aka
 (Apollo Lane).  Aaron was born in Syracuse New York, the youngest
  of six children.  The son of a Lieutenant Colonel and a mom struggling with
  Multiple Sclerosis, Aaron moved to the small town of Conway, Arkansas at the age
  of four.  Music has always been a passion of Aaron's and as early as the age of five he started
  memorizing songs as well as writing his own songs, a passion that would
 never change.  In 2003 Aaron Lost his Mother to a battle with
 brain Cancer.  In attempts to deal with the loss he turned to
  writing and performing.  Rebellion soon followed leading him to being
  kicked out of school in 2005, for truency and behavioral
  issues.  He was given the option of jail or boot camp.  Aaron
  would go on to spend 5 months in Youth Challenge.  In that
  time Aaron's Father was offered a job as a missionary in
  Singapore.  Aaron's Father would leave the country after
  he completed YC, which effectively left Aaron sleeping from couch to couch and often outside.  He was left

  just a backpack and a sleeping bag in the humid state of Arkansas.  During these hard times, Aaron's

childhood rival in music, Kori Munson
  (aka Apollo Lane) was driving down the road one day and saw him walking.
  He would later end up offering him a place to stay.  While living together the
  two starting working on music full time.  After six months the
  two moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend schoool at SAE
  Institute of Technology for audio engineering.  After
  completing the program, they moved back to Conway, Arkansas to
  start pursuing their dream full time.  After crafting seven
 mixtapes in the past 3 years (High 5's and Apple Pies,
  Lizards & Robots, WUPN, Hello & Smile, Netflix &
 Chocolate Milk, LLGB and Penguin Meets Monkey) and sharing
  the stage with some of the biggest names in modern music
  (Big Sean Big krit Yelawolf ), the two show no signs of
  slowing up.  They are now gearing up for the release of their new full
  length LP, "A Room Full Of Elephants".
  A sound they catergorize as Neo-Hop, which is an array of genre
 blending sound with influences that scatter from Erykah Badu
  to Weezer.  There is almost no better description than that of Aaron himself when asked about his music in

an interview:

  "I guess the whole point of this paragraph is to sum up who I
  am as an artist...  I am a storyteller, I am the flaws that most
  people hide,  I’m brutal honesty, I'm a movie in motion,
  I’m now, I'm whoever or whatever I remind you of, I’m
  a disaster waiting to happen, I'm Billy Bob Thorton in
  Sling Blade “mmmmm hhhmm”, I’m exaggerated drunk
  stories, I’m me...  I am you."

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