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Aaron Omar

 Roosevelt, New York, USA
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Middle fingers & tunnel vision is the personal and professional mantra for the independent rap artist and producer, Aaron Omar. Follow his journey.


Middle fingers & tunnel vision is the personal and professional mantra for the independent rap artist and producer, Aaron Omar.  Once a goal is set, Aaron Omar will show disdain for anything designed to deter or distract.  This mantra is best reflected in his music.

Aaron Omar grew up in Roosevelt, NY in a house owned by his grandfather, an independent photographer, and that house was always filled with music.  From Motown, Stax Records and classic jazz to the Hip Hop Soul movement pioneered by Sean "Diddy" Combs and Mary J. Blige, something was always playing.  His introduction to rap music would come outside of the house.  Wu Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Nas, LL Cool J and the Notorious B.I.G. would soon become early favorites.

In 2000, out of pure curiosity, Aaron Omar decided to write a rap song and eventually fell in love with the creative process.  In 2009, after meeting and befriending several fellow songwriters and producers, he released a compilation mixtape titled The Cool Table, which received a great response from all who heard.  The rest, as is commonly said, is history.

As part of the group Fresh/High Society, 2 projects were released:  (UN)Popular Couture in 2010 and the sequel in 2012 which featured the poplar single Solar Powered produced by Ski Beatz and the remix featuring Camp Lo.  Aaron Omar released For The Free, a free mixtape, in 2012 and the follow up, For The Free 2, in 2013 which featured The Montebello, produced by Fuse 100 of 808 Mafia.

AO's newest project, War Stories & Love Letters, was released on August 12th and features the popular songs Liar and Live Forever.  Mostly self-produced, the EP also features production from Mylon, Travis Mendes and Ski Beatz and has been featured on All Hip Hop, That's Enuff (DJ Enuff's blog), Best of Both Offices, You Heard That New and many others.  On September 27th, Aaron Omar will be performing songs from this project as part of the Fabolous & Friends show at BB King's in NYC.



Written By: Aaron Omar

R.I.P B.I.G.
R.I.P. P.A.C.
R.I.P., enough of that son, it's time to O.D.

Verse 1:
Pay me no mind, I am not who you read about
Don't worry about me shorty I'm not who you dream about
I'm not a star; not a legend; I'm a leader
I convert the non-believers but 'til then I'm not above the ground
Not on your radar or Rap Radar or Hot 97
Instead, I'm beer running to 7-11
Not on your posters, not on covers of magazines
Not a Freshman for XXL, I'm not a king
I'm not any of that but, listen, I'm a lot of things
Like: better than your favorite rapper honestly
Like: a nigga that just doubled up a lot of G's
Now I got a whip, I got a crib, I got a pot to pee
Right. So pay me no mind my nigga, walk past
I'm not dating Rihanna or a Kardash
I don't have a Black Card I'm paying all cash
And you can hashtag that shit in all caps
I'm a business owner and I'm a business
You should start your own, mind your business
I'm eating good, I'm gaining weight. Wait, wait, wait...
You know I'm coming to get that cake, cake, cake, cake...cake.

This is the part of the song
When these niggas start lying to y'all
And y'all don't care
Fuck it, throw a bottle in the air
Throw your rent money in the air
Throw your car note in the air
We can all ball out
Fuck it, I'ma buy the bar out

Verse 2:
I'm not Kendrick Lamar, I'm not J.Cole
Not Big Sean, not Drake, I'm AO
I'm not dissing any rappers to get recognized
I'm not Trinidad James, I can fucking rhyme
Currently I'm listening to Curren$y and Nas
And Action Bronson and The Black Keys
Nah, I'm not shining, nah I don't rock diamonds
No, I never sold Gold or went Diamond
So you should pay me no mind, I'm not Jigga, nigga
I'm not 50, not Diddy, I ain't jiggy, nigga
I'm not Dre, not Ludacris, nah I'm not up on the Forbes List
Damn, I guess I'm not doing shit
I'm not a lot of things, son I'd never lie to you
But I am a top notch rhymer and a rider too
And I came to eat, I need a plate, plate, plate, plate
And after that I want some cake, cake, cake, cake...cake


You said your girl rocks "red bottoms"
Nah, your girl rocks blue Uggs

Live Forever

Written By: AaronOmar

And you say New York
Ski Beatz & AO
And you say New York
Baby, it's star time

Verse 1
Not on this planet to follow the script
Or play the role that they tell me to play, I ad-lib everyday
So, pardon me if it’s hard to see in my direction, I’m bright
Shine like that one Rihanna song, you know it right?
I was a kid when I realized that I had a gift
Had to put it together; my mother was not tryna hear that shit
“Go to school, get your education, get a job.”
“Yeah alright, that’s cool but if it’s all the same I’d rather rhyme.”
Still took my ass to college, still got a diploma
Drove it up to Mommy’s job, handed her that tucked in a folder
Like…”you can hold it, I’ma use it later. Save it.”
I’m after a different type of paper, type my name on resumes? What?
Why would I do that when I do this?
I write my life on looseleaf, get talked about through loose lips
Pay my sales tax every quarter ‘cause I do this in real life
Real CEO, I’m really ill right?

Rather die young if I can’t life my life
I record; you press play and I live twice
We strive to be great one day
So let the world spin and all the people say
(Rather die young)
Life forever or die now
Born to be great, it’s a shame if you never find out

Verse 2
Please believe, I need to see it all. Need to ball
You need balls to get it done, declare war
On corny lifestyles. Tell them haters pipe down, pause
This is God. Got me living ‘til I’m gone...in top form
Go from Top Ramen noodles from my stove top
To..Tai American fusion sipping my sake hot
I...got it from fusing lyrics together on the spot
And I tilt my hat to hustlers that made it off the block
‘Cause life will never hand out so I’d never play the safe route
And I’d never stand down to let somebody where I stand now
You’d never believe half of the shit that I’ve seen
Or shit that happened to me...nah I ain’t bragging, I’m G
And I’m D if you’re talking about some G’s
Earn my stripes like the 3 that I copped and rock on my feet
Notice me? No defeats when AO competes. Bro copeesh? Magnifique
Word to Vannah, Lexy and Nique...I’m a beast. Peace


Verse 3
Had the same vision since a young’n
Lenny and I up on that lunch line, lunching
Talking record labels and clothing lines like Puff did
Like, “Fuck it. Let’s do it, it’s nothing to hustle something.”
Well I got a logo. And I put it on some items
And sell ‘em to people that like ‘em and buy ‘em like, “It’s dope yo.”
The dough flows. Hook the mic up and flow. I think I might go…
A little bit harder ‘cause I’m smarter
Peeping beyond tomorrow, it’s getting beyond harder
People getting caught up in shit and need to borrow some chips
Been there, done that. Pockets low like I lost a flip
Then I learned to stack. Invest the money and earn it back, you heard of that?
And I ain’t where I wanna be at all
But I’m proud of everything I’ve done, still move with my day ones (hey)
We ain’t working for mediocrity, we’re here to be great
No cut, I give it to you straight...wait…


Worldstar Birds

Written By: AaronOmar

Verse 1
Little scruff on the facial
No scuffs on the Timbs though, never date a bimbo
6-0 for the tempo, Mylon instrumental
Nah nigga not Timbo
But nevermind all that
Nevermind the fact that every time I rap
I invent a new flow, my lines are compact
Complex, I belong on the cover of the mag
Nevermind; why? This one is for the broads
Lifting up bras for the rap stars
Wrap all the drinks they order at the bar
Now you're drunk, ma. Now you're in a car
Leaving from the club going to the telly with a nigga you don't know
In the back seat staring out the window
Where ya friends at? You don't even know
But you got red bottoms, you're better than them hoes
You're a veteran at this; you've been here before
We already know...puss passed like a cold
Shake my head. Should be on a throne
Should be a queen. Instead you're a joke
Another punchline in a song that I wrote
That you'll probably download, probably play it too
Cold water in the face, it's about you

Now all my ladies say yeah
Say yeah..yeah
And all the birds say yasss
Say yasss...I'm dead

Verse 2
I used to know this girl, gorgeous face
Beautiful mind. What up Bellion?
Back to the story, back to the shorty
Stayed in more drama than guests on Maury
Guzzle that liquor, back seats of cars
With whatever guy that can pay the tab at the bar
All of a sudden she's in love with the guy
Got beef with the nigga's baby moms
Couple months later it's over
She's on to the next one, laid up
And every couple months I'd bump into her
She'd try to run game on a nigga but...
She already knew the deal, I was never down
She knew that I knew the deal, word gets around
Yeah, a few years prior
Before that vagina was set on fire
One of my homies holla'd
She ain't waste no time to drop it
He ain't waste no time with popping
Just put it in and got it poppin'
She said a rubber was not an option
He was drunk with a silent conscience
Then she was late for her period
She hit the shop and chopped it



  • For The Free (Mixtape)(2012)
  • For The Free 2 (Mixtape)(2013)
  • War Stories & Love Letters (EP)(2014)

Set List

15-min set list

  1. Acapella intro
  2. Liar
  3. Worldstar Birds
  4. Live Forever