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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo Rock Singer/Songwriter




"GoPro's Video of the Day"

GoPro made my cover of Ryan Adams' "Gimme Something Good" their Video of the Day on 11/17/14, and it can be viewed on their website along with the GoPro Facebook and Instagram accounts. - GoPro

"Aaron Zimmer - First Persons EP"

‘First Persons’ is a three-song EP that Aaron Zimmer – a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn by way of the great state of Nebraska – is giving away for free on his website because, well, because he can. (Full disclosure: a 320kbps MP3 version is free, while lossless-format downloads, compact discs, and 7” vinyl versions require the exchange of some form of currency for the music – which is more than fair.) Zimmer has been making music as a full-time job of sorts since the late 90s, which is evidenced by his considerable chops – the guy knows his way around a song. Both musically and vocally I’d point to Joe Jackson, Steely Dan, and Elvis Costello as touchstones, while shades of Elliott Smith shine through in his lyrical approach and, on the track ‘The Recluse’ in particular, his guitar playing. ‘First Persons’ has been my gateway into Zimmer’s musical world, and I’m anxiously awaiting another dose. The Impaler @impalerspeaks - The Impaler Speaks

"Chill, acoustics played during "Pro Cat Cab""

The Fred Meyer Lounge was filled with relaxed audience members during the Nov. 8 Pro Cat Cab. Aaron Zimmer, a Brooklyn-based artist, came to McMinnville to share his indie-rock style with the Linfield community...... - Linfield Review

"How Aaron Zimmer Got Smart"

In 2004, Aaron Zimmer packed up his life in Nebraska and took the plunge, moving to New York without any of the details sorted. Since then, he says he’s learned a good bit. In the middle of his second Pledge campaign, Zimmer is letting fans download his “First Persons” EP for free on his page, in addition to getting their hands on a slew of creative exclusives...... - Pledge Music

"Indie Music Spotlight"

Time to swing the spotlight onto a musician we haven’t featured yet here on Indie Minded, Aaron Zimmer! Based in Brooklyn, Aaron has released his newest EP entitled First Persons, and is available to purchase OR download for free at his official site.....

Read full article at link. - indieminded.com

"Record Review at Melodic.net"

Here is a five track ep (excluding intro/outro) from Aaron Zimmer that gave us the nice album "Live Wires" three years ago. That album was a little more uptempo than this EP and Aaron shows us that he can deliver a rockier edge as well as this more clean clever powerpop/singersongwriter kinda tunes. It's a solid piece of plastic and the five tracks are all good with "Honey, Give Me A Hand" as the real favorite. A track that easily could have been found on any Jason Falkner-album. A nice E.P from a good artist. - Melodic.net

"Record Review at Melodic.net"

Here is a five track ep (excluding intro/outro) from Aaron Zimmer that gave us the nice album "Live Wires" three years ago. That album was a little more uptempo than this EP and Aaron shows us that he can deliver a rockier edge as well as this more clean clever powerpop/singersongwriter kinda tunes. It's a solid piece of plastic and the five tracks are all good with "Honey, Give Me A Hand" as the real favorite. A track that easily could have been found on any Jason Falkner-album. A nice E.P from a good artist. - Melodic.net

"Swerve Magazine Album Review"

There are some albums that up first listen you are either having a bad day or something just is off and you don’t quite pay attention to what you are listening to at that moment.

That said Aaron Zimmer’s “This Time Next Year” has been in constant rotation at The Swerve’s office since the first uneventful listen.

With Ryan Adams more interested in the married life (who could blame him...it’s Mandy Moore) and Paul Westerberg working sporadically at best, Zimmer echoes the best of both. Add to that a hint of Butch Walker and you have a damn good record that burrows into you brain and you will find yourself either humming or having songs like , “That Girl” or “Cab Fare” stuck on repeat.

If there is one bad thing to say about the disc is it is an EP which means it is too short, it leaves the listener wanting more.

Songs not too miss:
1.“That Girl”
2.“Cab Fare”
3.“Conspiracy Theorist” - Swerve Magazine


Appears in the Sept 2011 issue of SPIN. - Spin Magazine

"On The Verge"

Click link to read.... - Swerve Magazine

"This Time Next Year, rocker Aaron Zimmer may be a star! (Video interview)"

Click link to watch/listen - mrmedia.com

"Featured in the Ripple Effect"

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"Featured on Kings of A&R"

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"Big Takeover Magazine Review"

Around ten years ago, the Lincoln, NE native achieved small success in The Aaron Zimmer Band, putting out two records. But an ill-fated tour broke up the band. In 2004 he resurfaced with the INSIDE MY SKIN EP and moved to New York. Now he's finally released this solo debut LP, recorded with multi-instrumentalist pal Christian Cassan. At first, Zimmer's polished, well-crafted pop might sound a bit too radio-friendly and glossy, but he more than compensates with bright, airy arrangements, sharp songwriting, and deceptively edgy playing. In fact, "The Middle" and "Therapy" even hint of Bob Mould's lighter side. Plus, Zimmer's hearty, satisfying vocals and the lustrous , speakers-filling production on songs such as "False Alarm," "Change My Mind," and "Save Myself" are both first-rate, further guaranteeing a rewarding listen. - Big Takeover Magazine

"Ripple Effect Review"

"Gorgeously crafted, impeccably produced indy pop, this is melodic rock for the new generation. Its brimming with melody & harmony, laden with Aaron's soaring baritone, and loaded w/ enough hooks to grab you by the ears and pull you into Aaron's world." -- The Ripple Effect - The Ripple Effect

"Aaron Zimmer Comes Home"

Feature Story + Cover in Ground Zero section of the Lincoln Journal Star. Read here:

http://www.aaronzimmer.com/press/Press%20-%20Live%20Wires.pdf - Lincoln Journal Star, Lincoln, NE

"Aaron Zimmer Shows Some Skin"

Countless touring musicians have lived the nightmare of showing up for a gig, ready for sound check, only to have the club manager not know who they are.

"Uh, didn't our booking agent call?" That happened to Aaron Zimmer and his band two or three times...a week...for three straight months, during a tour of the Midwest and East Coast last spring. "The band spent so much time getting ready to go," Zimmer says, "then it was such a disappointment." The band's Colorado booking agency, not the band, was to blame for the fiasco. Nonetheless, the Aaron Zimmer Band broke up when it returned home to Lincoln, Neb.

Now, a year later, Zimmer is back with a new band and a six-song EP, "Inside My Skin." As with Zimmer's first two CDs, file his latest effort under "ready-for-radio modern rock," an album that's comfortable sharing space in your five-disc changer with John Mayer, Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows and the Goo Goo Dolls. Each song is anchored in melody, with Zimmer's occasional guitar solos rocking the boat ever so slightly. It's not Easy Listening, but it's easy listening.

That is, until you listen to the lyrics. "It's definitely not a happy group of songs," says the 24-year-old Zimmer. Case in point: on the song "Awake," Zimmer sings, "Peace of mind, come and find my bones/I'm awake/Or leave me behind to stand in line alone/Wither away." Life doesn't look a lot better on "Tired Eyes," when Zimmer laments, "I've been thinking I will never be the same anymore/I've been drinking because I forgot what I became/Could you tell me again?"

Zimmer wrote the songs that became "Inside My Skin" during the months immediately following last spring's tour. Therein lies the silver lining: the band's breakup allowed Zimmer to pick up his acoustic guitar and write songs alone, something he'd never done before. "I wrote them quick, from scratch, by myself. It was really a nice change of pace," he says. Once Zimmer wrote the songs, he enlisted a new band: Lee Bowes on electric guitar and backing vocals; Case Maranville on bass; and Scott Rutz on drums.

Also joining Zimmer last fall at Presto! Recording Studio in Lincoln was his father, Al. The elder Zimmer, a grade-school band teacher, played trombone on the album's final track, "On Your Own." Zimmer says his dad is a brilliant musician, and that they have a great relationship. Still, there were traces of creative tension in the studio. "We were speaking different languages," he says. Zimmer grew up in a farmhouse on two acres outside Waverly, Neb., just north of Lincoln. By age 15, he was playing with bands in Lincoln bars and spotting some of his younger teachers in the crowd getting sauced on weekday nights.

In 1997, Zimmer enrolled at Concordia College in Seward, Neb., and declared a double-major that combined the practical (business) with his passion (music). As with any aspiring musician, the practical didn't stand a chance.. "I did really, really great in all my music classes," Zimmer says, "and I failed all my business classes." - MEDIUM MAGAZINE

"Native Songwriter"

Aaron Zimmer will release his latest album, "Inside My Skin" this week. The album is complete with a new band and is musically more mature. Zimmer's mix of pop rock and folk-tinged vocals is a homegrown sound to keep your ear on. - The Omaha Reader


Th fun at local clubs starts at Knickerbockers tonight when Aaron Zimmer will hold a CD release party for "Inside My Skin", a six-song disc that marks a move in a new direction for Zimmer. Recorded at Presto! Studios with AJ Mogis, "Inside My Skin" is solid, acoustic-based rock that highlights Zimmer's strong emotional vocals and emphasizes his songwriting. Zimmer's been a local music fixture for a few years and developed a strong following with the Aaron Zimmer Band. But he's really hit his stride here. - LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR

"The Buzz"

Friday I was down in Lincoln checking out Acoustic Sessions Five. Bari Koral (New York singer-songwriter) was in town and that alone was worth the drive. Add Five Story Fall, Matt Banta, and Aaron Zimmer to the bill and you have a quality night of music just waiting to be consumed. Aaron Zimmer minus his band started off the bill. The stage was set up with a large cushy chair and many candles for ambience. This was my first time seeing Zimmer and he is a fine songwriter, and a couple of tunes he played that night are ready for the big-time. One thing that really struck me about Zimmer was the ease and professionalism in which he executes his onstage banter. He keeps the crowd interested, excited, and manages to keep an air of “I’m the entertainer” about him while still talking to the crowd as if they are all close friends. - SLAMOMAHA

""Inside My Skin" Review"

It has a smooth alternative sound that stirs the soul and awakens the senses. I would buy this CD because its easy to listen to and has a great alternative sound to it. I?m looking forward to a second album from Aaron Zimmer in the future. I would play this CD anywhere - Mark Weitkunat WCCX 104.5FM

"Live Wires Review in The Ripple Effect"

Here at the Ripple, we like to cover all sorts of music, in fact, the only rule the Pope and I have is that we only write about those bands and individuals who catch our ear. All you loyal waveriders out there no doubt know this. Metal, jazz, blues, African, stoner, psychedelic, post punk, hardcore, prog or reggae, no matter. As we say in our bio, all we ask is that you "give us something we can feel, because contrary to popular belief, we want to feel your pain. Or your joy. We want to feel it all."

All of which brings us to this great little ditty from the singer/songwriter, Aaron Zimmer. Originally from Nebraska, Aaron found his life falling apart, so he did what any of us would have done; quit school, moved back home, formed a band and started singing about it. So far so good. But what makes this album so special is the skill with which Aaron brings all this about.

Gorgeously crafted, impeccably produced indy pop, this is melodic rock for the new generation. Each song is brimming with melody and harmony, laden with Aaron's soaring baritone, and loaded with enough hooks to grab you by the ears and pull you into Aaron's world. And by pull you, I mean that literally. As is our policy, I gotta be honest with you waveriders. When I first pulled this baby out of the stack and put it into rotation, I didn't' want to like it. I'd been listening to mountains of stoner metal and had my full-on TCH-tinted goggles on. If it wasn't stoner, it wasn't worth ingesting . . . so to speak.

Imagine my surprise then, when, moments after playing the first track I found myself bopping along, humming in my own unsure way to a song I'd never heard before. And from then, each successive listen wormed this disc farther and farther into my ear, head, and heart. Aaron approaches his craft with sincere earnestness, but he's not overly dramatic. He wears his heart on his sleeve, honestly, forthrightly, and damn if that isn't refreshing.

Now those accolades sound great, but in the end they don't add to anything unless the music can back it up. And here it does. Aided and produced by multi-instrumentalist Christian Cassan (David Byrne, Passing Strange) Aaron has put together a solid album of radio-friendly, yet still ballsy-enough to be interesting, indy pop. The entire albums shimmers and glistens with a glossy sparkle. Every thing Aaron does sounds so intimately familiar, yet completely new at the same time. It's as if he's touched into some cosmic zeitgeist of melody and tune and channeled it all back to us, sparkling new and fresh-faced.

"The Middle," starts us off perfectly and sets the tone for the album. Big chords roaring over a mid-tempo beat, breaking down to a dynamite, melodic verse. Aaron's voice instantly strikes you. Standing out from most in the indy set, this is a big voice, a commanding baritone capable of dropping down and still reaching up for the highs. It's twinged with just enough of a Midwestern twang to dig down and convey the emotion that Aaron strives to tell. The song builds to a big, radio-ready chorus placing it comfortably next to other masters of the genre, like Matchbox 20, Switchfoot, or Edwin McCain. After three or four listens to this track, you'll find yourself singing it in the shower while your scrubbing your nether regions, which is a good thing.

"Sink of Swim," flows out next, riding a smooth rhythmic beat, similar in some extents to the best of Joe Jackson from the Night and Day years. And then the tempo picks up, the strumming stronger on the guitar, building until a nice, very jazzy breakdown for the chorus. Slicing through the beat, throughout the whole song, a lone electric guitar wails, almost like the crying of a child, calling out in a show of emotion. No matter which way you slice it, this song's a winner.

"Therapy," adds a slightly electronic touch to the intro, then quickly simmers down to the verse sung over a beautifully strummed acoustic. Sparkling, Fixx-esque guitars carry the tune while Aaron's voice shines big here, really big. A deep resounding, emotive instrument. A voice that truly belies his age, sounding much older, wiser and experienced than he has any right to sound. There's something about his voice, a haunting quality, that seems so intimately familiar, that you'd swear you've heard it before. But after hours and hours of wracking my brain (ok, I can wrack my whole brain in only one hour) I've come up blank in finding who Aaron can sound like. On this track, the best I can offer is Andy Partridge of XTC, a certain similarity in the tonality, particularly as they hit the high notes or the end of certain syllables. Or perhaps I'm just babbling.

"Change Your Mind," is another stand out track, a sure-fire can't miss, radio-friendly track just dying for it's chance at airplay. Something we plan to rectify on our Ripple Radio Show. Check it out and I guarantee that come the big chorus, with the charging guitars, percolating percussion, and can't-miss m - The Ripple Effect

"Live Wires Review in The Jersey Beat"

Aaron Zimmer - Live Wires (myspace.com/aaronzimmer)

All through Live Wires, Aaron Zimmer uses his vocal prowess (expressive, with a soft wildness about it) as an intertwining instrument. What defines a great singer in the rock ’n’ roll era, I think, is that some underlying tension exists in the space between the singer and the song. A bridge is being built across a void. If a voice/band isn’t pushing against the boundaries that have been already created, at least slightly, it isn’t doing anything at all, really. You have to push against the standard whether it be rock, soul, or whatever genre makes you sit up and take notice. We judge music by what a singer and a band unearth from a song that, in its original form could never had. Aaron finds and redefines all that, and more. He’s the type of artist that when you hear the music, you want to tell all your friends about it, and get them together to go an see the show. Favorite songs: “The Middle,” “Sink or Swim,” “Buried Alive,” “Well Enough,” “Save Myself,” & “Hard Lines.” There’s pictorial heat in Aaron’s composing, and a raw fire in his voice.- Phil Rainone - The Jersey Beat

"Live Wires Review on YoDigIt.com"

here’s a lot of good independent rock musicians out there, and then there’s a fair amount of really good independent rock musicians too. I believe Aaron Zimmer falls into the really good rock musician category.

Born and raised in Lincoln Nebraska, Aaron now resides in New York City where he writes and performs his music. Although there have been a few trying times along the way, he’s never lost the motivation and will to succeed in the music business. He’s got the incredible talents that shine through on his album Live Wires, which he so graciously gave me the opportunity to explore.

Live Wires is jam packed with heartfelt and straight forward good sounding rock songs, songs that have the ability to instantly grab the attention of each listener. The album wastes no time and gets right down to business, kicking off with a very catchy rock song called “The Middle”. Live Wires continues on with more harmony filled guitar driven rock songs, such as “Therapy”, “False Alarm”, and “Get This Over With”. Aaron Zimmer also includes a well balanced amount of slow to mid tempo songs on the 11 track album too.

There’s a bright future ahead for Aaron Zimmer, and I think he’s got just the right amount of elements necessary to please a wide variety of rock music fans. Be sure to visit the official Aaron Zimmer website, as well as the band’s page at MySpace where you can listen to and buy the album. - YoDigIt.com


Hailing from Lincoln Nebraska and now officially a Brooklynite, singer and songwriter, Aaron Zimmer pours his trials of life's disappointments, challenges, and unrequite love into his new album, "Live Wires". He uses a mix of pop and rock to speak to his life lessons of going through fire and brimstone to emerge stronger and with a more poignant self-realization.

"Live Wires" is a fresh mix of songs that fit somewhere between Gavin DeGraw, Squeeze, and Jason Miraz. On this album there are songs that get you to tap your feet like 'Sink or Swim' which sound pop/rockish but with honest lyrics that are far from it; making you think of lyrics like Radiohead's 'Karma Police' and even Elvis Presley's 'Heartbreak Hotel'.

Highlights from the album are 'The Middle', 'Well Enough', 'Save Myself', and 'The Hard Line' ; but every song will make you dance, tap your feet, while pondering the struggles of life and its lessons. It's the hardline according to Aaron Zimmer and he's delivering it in his own unique way. "Live Wires" is not a bad post-holiday gift to start the new year with to help make the most of it and have a new go at it!


@ The Annex

Date: January 17, 2008
Admission: $10 and Free CDs (from all bands performing)

The Line-Up:
7:00 PM: Jon Sordoni
8:00 PM: Ricky Valente
9:00 PM: Escapist Papers

152 Orchard Street
Manhattan, NYC
T: 212-673-3410

For more information:
www.myspace.com/aaronzimmer - freedomlovefest.com

"Aaron Zimmer: The Right Move"

When Aaron Zimmer felt that relocating to the big city was best for his music career, his new start coincided with the start of a new year.

On New Year's Day 2004, Zimmer left Lincoln, Neb., in his tour bus. After a brief stop in Nashville, Tenn., to drop off the bus at a consignment lot, he rented a U-Haul and drove to Manhattan's East Village, arriving Jan. 3, 2004.

He's been in New York ever since, and Zimmer vividly remembers his early struggles.

"In the beginning, I paid rent late, a lot," the pop/rock singer recalls. "I took any job I could find. I worked in a little ice cream shop, sold guitars, waited tables – anything I could do.

"I remember feeling really frustrated that I worked all of the time but never had any extra money to put into my music. They say that on average it takes about six months to acclimate to New York City life. For me, I think it was about a year. I stayed in, ate lots of ramen and brown rice and focused on finding a job that was going to allow me to put more energy into my music."

Eventually, Zimmer landed work doing freelance Web/graphic design. And after meeting producer Christian Cassan sometime in 2005, he began work in Brooklyn, N.Y., on his second full-length album, Live Wires, due in stores Jan. 20.

"I had heard some stuff he was producing through a mutual friend, and his mixes were just out this world," Zimmer says of Cassan.

Together, they tracked almost every instrument on Live Wires. Zimmer says recording the song "Save Myself" proved to be a challenge.

"I think we started that song over from scratch twice," he says. "We tried tons of things – made it slow, then made it fast. Made it soft, then loud – and nothing seemed to work.

"We almost canned the song altogether. You can hear a lot of experimentation, particularly at the end. We figured since we didn't really know what we had in that song, that we could try anything."

Appropriately enough, Zimmer will celebrate the release of Live Wires in New York with a show at the Annex on Jan. 17. Once the album is released and there's reaction at radio, his plan is to "pile in a van and hit the road."

-- By Chris M. Junior - Medleyville.com CHris M. Junior


Still working on that hot first release.



Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist AARON ZIMMER is proud to announce the release of "The Surgeon / In Stone", the 2nd in a collection of short EPs to be released throughout 2014 and 2015. Zimmer is making a name for himself in NYC and across the country not only for his brand of pop/rock, but also for his engaging one-man live show that includes a multitude of instruments, percussion and loopsa show that leave his audiences wondering, howd he do that?

Aaron is touring throughout 2015.

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