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"Review of Missing Pieces"

love music! I don't think a day ever goes by that I don't have a CD playing on my computer or the radio on in the car. To me music really sets the mood. My music choices also reflect my mood. Music can be a very powerful thing.

I have a very eclectic taste in music. I will listen to Placido Domingo one minute (yes, I like opera!) and then Metallica the next, or from the Bee Gees to Kanye West. My musical tastes pretty much cover all types of music from rock, pop, metal, blues, jazz, opera... the list goes on. Oddly enough the one type of music that I'm not a huge fan of is country. Go figure. I like some as long as it has a bit of a pop/rock edge to it.

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to hear music from an up and coming artist called Aaron Barnhart. His debut album, Missing Pieces, is available on May 26, 2009 (which happens to be my birthday too!). WOW! This young man is amazing! He's been compared to the likes of Josh Grobin, Michael Jackson and Don Henley. I don't know about that. He reminds me more of Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20. Or Jason Mraz, Elliot Yamin, John Mayer or Joe Jackson.

It's really hard to pick out just ONE favorite from his debut CD. Honestly I truly enjoyed them all. His music is nice and calming. His beautiful voice is not drowned out by loud background music. Most of his background music tends to be pianos and string instruments.

Do you know how some music gets your blood pumping (like exercise music)? Aaron Barnhart is more like the music you would want to listen to when you want to be restful or if you are in a happy-go-lucky sort of mood. I have been listening to him as I work online and clean and I just find that his music make me feel happy and calm. Hopefully this makes sense. TRUST ME! This is not boring elevator music. NO WAY! What I mean is that his music is pure and unique and not over produced like a lot of other music these days.

I believe he writes his own music too. If that is true then this young man has a beautiful heart because some of the lyrics are so romantic.

If I had to pick my top three songs from the album I'd have to say

- Better then Happiness
- Day in Day Out
- Missing Pieces

I love how the music matches the mood of they lyrics. It's a perfect pairing.

Here is a video of Aaron singing his song "Pain Killer". This is an acoustic version, meaning there is no background music. On the album you'll get all the background music which really adds to the song.

This will give you some idea of the type of music he sings and that you'll find on the album.

I have a feeling you are going to be hearing a lot more about Aaron Barnhart once his debut album is released. I can't wait to hear his tunes playing on the radio. This young man is destined to be a star.

Check out his debit CD "Missing Pieces" available wherever music is sold on May 26, 2009.

One a side note doesn't he look like a combination of the actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors, August Rush, Match Point) and that ultra-hottie Maksim Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars. LOL!

Thanks to the Family Review Network for the opportunity to learn more about this amazing new talent. - http://shescribes.blogspot.com

"Review of Day in Day Out"

Aaron Barnhart - Day In Day Out - Look for this one to be one of Vh1’s featured videos soon. Excellent single and one of my current favorites - JJ willis Music review

"Missing Pieces Review"

After listening to this CD several times, I've found that I really like this type of music. Aaron voice has a smooth sound and the songs are calming and enjoyable. He really has some talent! I love that the music is mostly piano or stringed instruments. I have no doubt that Aaron Barnhart will go far in the music business! If you enjoy music that makes you feel calm and happy, this is the CD for you! - Family Review Network


"Missing Pieces" is the the new album from Aaron signed to Bonded Records and distributed through Universal/Fontana. "Day in Day Out" is the first single to go to radio and has been getting spins across the country and gaining momentum.



Aaron Barnhart has a unique style and passion for music that is a product of a diverse musical background. Growing up in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia instilled in Aaron a love for nature and the outdoors. As a child, his house was filled with music. His mother is a talented singer and radio personality, and his father is a pianist and drummer. During those early years the house was always resonating with the music of Pink Floyd and Dan Fogelberg, not to mention jazz giants like Miles Davis and Benny Goodman. His parents were not content that Aaron only have a rural upbringing. Piano lessons became a staple at the age of 5. Aaron studied classical music in his formative years and developed a passion for Beethoven and Mozart; but something was missing. As Aaron became a teenager he fell in love with rock and roll. The sounds of Led Zeppelin and Nirvana quickened his pulse. Aaron began playing and singing in rock bands and quickly became noticed as a powerful singer and performer. He played in several bands through high school that recorded original music and had impressive local followings. It was at this point that Aaron new he needed to continue his studies of music to take his songwriting and playing to the next level.
His always-supportive parents agreed to help send him to the Berklee College of Music. It was here that Aaron developed his compositional and playing skills at one of the finest music schools in the country. Aaron also began a lifelong passion for electronic music and music technology. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Music Production and Engineering, and left to take a job teaching at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida.
Aaron would develop his skills as and engineer and teacher while at Full Sail. It was also here that Aaron forged a lifelong friendship with his manager and President of Bonded Records, David McKenna. David was Aaron’s student at Full Sail and the friendship they developed would lead to Aaron signing to Bonded records and completing his present album “Missing Pieces”. At the Time, Aaron played with an Orlando based band called Foundation. Foundation played numerous shows in the southeast and headlined at the House of Blues and Hard Rock Live in Orlando. Within Foundation, Aaron explored the rock styles of his upbringing. Powerful guitar lines and intense vocal performances were a standard. But Aaron longed to expand his musical palette and incorporate the sounds of synthesizers and samples. Artistic differences and a desire for change led Aaron to leave Orlando and pursue a Masters Degree in music at the University of Oregon.
At the University of Oregon Aaron expanded his horizons by working with computer music and dance. Although technology became a big part of his sound at this time, he always had a passion for live performance and improvisation. Aaron worked closely with the Dance department and created several engaging and unique works that incorporated movement, video, live performance and electronic music. Oregon is a beautiful place and his time there was unique and engaging, but he decided to move to San Francisco upon graduation. San Fran was short lived, however, as Aarons sights had always been on Los Angeles. In the summer of 2007, he moved to Los Angeles and began working for KORG. KORG is a manufacturer of keyboards and recording equipment. Aaron traveled all over the west coast demonstrating and teaching people how to use KORG instruments. During this time Aaron was introduced to a talented songwriter name Trina Harmon. Aaron had written a song entitled “ Missing Pieces “ that had gotten the attention of his manager Dave McKenna. David suggested that Aaron write with Trina and see what happened. The result was the final version of “Missing Pieces” that appears on Aaron’s album. From that songwriting session, Trina suggested Aaron play the song for Producer Stuart Brawley. Brawly had worked with the likes of Don Henley, Lenka and many other high profile artists. Stuart heard the song and agreed to produce and record it at his recording studio. This collaboration led to working with Stuart on an entire album. Aaron collaborated with several songwriters and wrote over 20 songs. It was this whirlwind time that led to the completion of Aaron’s finest musical work to date. The album would be entitled “Missing Pieces” and was signed to Bonded records.
Aaron’s musical journey has led him across the country and through many different musical incarnations. After years of searching, Aaron has found a sound that comes from his soul and reflects the sum of his life experience. His music has a sincerity and sheer musicality that is refreshing to the modern music scene. Soaring melodies and captivating performances grab the hearts and minds of those who listen. Look for Aaron to release “Missing Pieces “ this spring and began touring the US in support of the album.