aaron barry

aaron barry


Aaron Barry is an acoustic power pop punk rock singer songwriter form Dutton Ontario. Since he began writing and singing in early 1999, his hooky brand of acoustic music has infected the ears of listeners all over southwestern Ontario.


Aaron Barry (as a solo acoustic performer)
When Aaron plays acoustic, he is like no other performer today. By melding his hooky acoustic pop-punk with hilarious onstage banter he is a force to be reckoned with in the Ontario music scene.
Originally a drummer, Aaron picked up guitar in 2000 and began writing honest songs about relationships, society and heart break. Through his one of a kind voice and simplistic guitar he has gained a loyal fanbase throughout southwestern Ontario.

Aaron Barry (as Efendi frontman {guitarist/vocalist})
Since Efendi formed in 2002 they have gained fans throughout Ontario by putting on an exquisite nearly flawless live show and being a down to earth, personable band. Efendi formed in 2002 around singer/guitarists Aaron Barry and bassist/vocalist Mark Godfrey's interest in creating a style of music unlike any other in the music scene at the time. With the addition of drummer Micheal Godfrey, Efendi was born.
Since playing their first show in 2003, Efendi has released 1 studio album, 1 single and a live cd/dvd.


I'm Coming Home

Written By: Aaron Barry

as the leaves change colours on the trees
do you ever sit and think about me
when the tide comes in and washes away the sand
will you remember the times we sat and i held your hand


and i cherish everything
everything we ever had
and i wish i could box it up
and show it off, and show it off

and as you say goodbye on the phone
im sitting here all alone, miles apart, miles apart
with the echo in my ear and the quiver in your voice
shows me im not the only one who feels this way\

and i need to see you more than this
i need to be next to you
i need to hear your name
i need top feel you breathe


Efendi- FM Static
Efendi- Breakdown (single)
Efendi- LIVE at Call the Office

Set List

Typical Solo Setlist
-6-8 original songs (3-5 minutes each)
-1-2 cover songs (3-5 minutes each)

Typicla Efendi Setlist
-9-10 original songs (3-5 minutes each)
- 1 cover song (3-5 minutes)