Aaron Black Comedy Magic

Aaron Black Comedy Magic


Jessica Simpson described it as "an incredibly fun show!" From colleges to comedy clubs to Fortune 500 companies, Aaron Black Comedy Magic is hilarious and unbelievable, and more importantly a huge hit with audiences. From the creative director who won 21 Emmy Awards for magic on television.


Get ready for a non stop thrill ride including levitating audience members, objects bending with the power of the mind, Aaron avoiding being impaled by a steel spike, an incredible floating table, and unbelievable mind reading! Oh, and the entire time students will be laughing uncontrollably! Aaron Black is the young, cutting edge of magic. At only 22, he has an incredible 16 years of performance experience. Before graduating college, he was jet setting around the country performing everywhere from the East Coast to Las Vegas. Since then, he has been taken under the wing of magic’s most sought after Emmy Award winning creative director. Aaron’s unique approach combines the comedy of “Saturday Night Live” with “The World’s Greatest Magic” to create an unbelievably entertaining experience. Aaron believes that no matter how amazing the magic is, the show can always be better through strong comedy. It’s been a huge success with audiences as his current show “Beyond Amazement!” was the longest running magic act in the history of the Caron Theater. Aaron is currently working on various projects for television in addition to his nationally touring show. He is also planning the world’s biggest illusion, making the moon disappear.

Set List

Washing Machine- Based on the one thing everyone knows about college.

The Bottle- Can beer pass through your body without having any effect? You have to see it to believe it!

Audience Member becomes the Magician- Exactly that, cheer for one of your friends as they make all the magic on stage. By far one of the funniest parts of the show!

The Prenuptial Agreement- Romance is in the air in this interactive piece that never fails to impress one special lady. Actually, the whole audience ends up loving it.

The Wall-You have to reflect on everything you know after seeing this one.

Crazy Man's Handcuffs- It’d be crazy to use these as handcuffs!

The Infomercial- Travel back in time during this hilarious look at one of the most comical elements of our culture.

Three Card Monte- Take a chance on lady luck, and she bound to surprise you.

Excalibur- Its the most famous sword in history, could the legend be true? Aaron’s future will depend on it.

Gravity Defied- As t