Aaron Burton

Aaron Burton

 Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA

I'm a well rounded guitarist who's experimented with all different types of genres just keep a solid flavor of my own. I've been playing since I was 6 years old. Being an 18 year old musician is tough when your dreams go further than the stars. But I'm going for it, and I'm going to give it my all.


My music is mostly instrumental with the influence of steve vai, joe satriani, john mayer, stevie ray vaughn, and pretty much every known guitarist that know what their playing and can really bring out the emotion in playing guitar. Vocal wise, I'm moderate. I can sing stuff along john mayers albums and fool around with some fleetwoodmac songs, but my true talent I'm blessed with is playing the guitar and bringing out the art in this instrument. I look around my generation for a guitarist like steve vai, joe satriani, john mayer, and other well rounded guitarist and can't find them. I feel like I can fill in that missing void. Now to me being a musician in general you need to know more than one style. If your just stuck with metal or whatever soothes your soul then thats all your ever going to soothe is yourself. When you open your mind to a different prespective and feel, you widen your horizon by learning those different styles and music theory behind that genre. And thats what I've learned from the push and nudge of guitar instructors. I really believe thats what sets me apart. Now my story, I'm just an 18 year old guy going through what most 18 year old guys go through, girl problems haha. No but seriously, I've been searching for an opportunity to make something of myself. I decided to wait to go to college for a year just to get my stuff together. Honestly I don't know what I want to do, but what 18 year old does. I do know this, my heart and soul is playing guitar. If i could make a future out of that. It would be nothing less than a dream come true.


Round Two

Written By: Aaron Burton

Your shining brighter than they ever knew and know your colors are starting to shine through
The sun is jealous of the heat your radiating as we stay here waiting and waiting
For a glance or two just let me star at you so I can see a masterpiece
The sweetest soul in this beautiful skin to explain you girl where do I begin
Is it the warm embrace or when your lips meet mine
The way you sway your hips all I need is a little more time
Hanging by the docks this afternoon I want to stay here girl when your near
Your tank tops and flip flops and those jeans I'll show you what love really means
The breeze flowing through your hair is what I see you've got a hold on me
My body and heart fighting for you I don't know if i will make it past round two


currently I have no releases or and EPs or anything. Carlsbad New Mexico is a farely small town. It's pretty hard to get your name out.