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"On Collier's performances with JSB"

…”Aaron Collier helps take (JSB) instrumentals such as ‘astronauts attempting to Take off Their Space Suits That They May Copulate’ to dizzying orgasmic heights. This cat just plain gives’er”… Stephen Richardson - LilaLicious Reviews


"Islands" - e.p. - 2004
"LOVE" - full length - 2008
"Neo" - full length - 2010



Playing keyboards has been the most consistent thing in my life. That's not to say that from my beginnings as a piano student at the age of six, to current day as a full-time keyboardist, teacher, sound designer and producer, that things haven't changed substantially. Much of what I do now consists of creating and performing electronically using synthesizers, computers and electronic processors - it's definitely my thing. Recently however, over the past year, I've been returning to the piano as much as possible. Since it's the path I started out on, it's no surprise. What is surprising to me is how my playing on the instrument, and how I approach to make sound from it, has changed over the years. I'm beginning to believe that like many organic forms of art have been doing as of late, piano music is coming due for a revival of sorts. As classical music in general is essentially all but lost on the current generation, my focus has shifted to exposing and exploring the similarities between current electronic/dance music and music which has lasted for centuries. Nerdy, huh? This has resulted in my new album "Neo" - a completely improvised album of seven piano+computer pieces. When I perform this type of material in concert, it is always improvised and played for the moment. The pieces on "Neo" will never be played again, and the pieces I played at my last concert will never be heard live by anybody else other than those who attended.

I think I'm pretty lucky to be doing what I do for a living - be it teaching Logic, playing music solo or with friends, writing creepy music in a basement or whatever. If I wasn't making a living from it, I'd probably still be doing it. My family and friends are and have always been top notch in their support for me, and I realize that many folks have a much steeper uphill battle. I've had the great fortune of playing with The Jimmy Swift Band (JSB) for the past eight years, working together with my band-mates to release three studio albums, two live albums and a live concert DVD. We've played thousands of shows together in Canada, the USA, Bermuda and China. I keep a side-project with JSB guitarist Craig Mercer called Scientists of Sound (SOS) and as often as I can I get to sit in with Halifax/Cape Breton's Slowcoaster. If I'm not performing with one of these acts you might catch me performing as a solo artist, playing instrumental electro-acoustic music, creating live remixes and improvising piano pieces. Aside from these main gigs in my life, I'm grateful to have shared the stage or worked in some capacity with many other fine artists including Divine Brown, Rich Aucoin, Nick VanEede, Sarah Slean, Paula Cole, Grand Theft Bus, Kite, Bruce Guthro, Steven Bowers, Sleep to Dream, Magnus Haze, Kyle Cameron, Gordie Samson, MIR, and many others. In the world of sound design and composing, I regularly work with acclaimed Halifax theatre company Angels & Heroes, as well as having worked this summer with Festival Antigonish on three of their mainstage shows.

Of course, the inspiration for all of this music comes from somewhere, or someone along the line. I've been influenced by so much great music, art, food, friendships, situations and emotions. I've been influenced by so much bad music, art, food, friendships, situations and emotions. My husband, mentor and friend Richie Wicox is the main fuel that keeps my fire burning. Musically, two of my biggest idols in the piano world would have been Glenn Gould and Keith Jarrett. For synth stuff I look to the programming and sonic nuances of Daft Punk, The Chemical Bros and Lemon Jelly. There are countless bands/artists I feel are important like Wilco, U2, Led Zepplin, Michael Jackson, Feist, Imogen Heap, Buck65, Rufus Wainwright, The Knife, Jamiroquai.... also friends and colleagues of mine Brooke Miller, Duane Andrews, Molly Thomason, Luke Morris, my bandmates Craig, Mike and Doug and on and on... - I find all of you inspiring on so many levels.

If you're reading this, than you've probably supported me in some way over the years and I thank-you for that. If this is your introduction to me, I hope you'll get enjoyment out of my work and spread the word. Warm Regards.