Aaron Cox

Aaron Cox

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Hi I'm Aaron Cox. I'm an independent musical artist. My music has the pop elements of Maroon 5, the progressiveness of Muse, and the soulful feel of Robin Thicke. My current EP was released in October of 2010. You can buy it on iTunes or hear parts of it here on Sonic Bids. Thanks for stopping by!


I originally hale from the city of Huntsville, AL. I've spent all of my life playing music. I began with drums and later picked up bass and guitar. By the time I was 15 I played and sang bgvs professionally on a weekly basis, playing for r&b, rock, jazz, country and CCM artists. I moved to nashville when I was 18 years old to further pursue my career as a freelance musician and writer. After a year of playing drums, bass and guitar freelance I realized my main passion was to create my own music and further pursue my passion for singing and performing live with my own band. I am proud to announce the release of my new EP, Back from the Grave, which I wrote, produced, sang and played guitars, bass and drums on. Back from the Grave covers a variety of musical styles, but centers around a progressive pop theme. It's lyrics unfold topics of life, love, relationship with self and God, spirituality, passion and purpose.


Aaron Cox Trio -2008

Back from the Grave -2010

Set List

COVER SONGS include:

Apologize (One Republic)
Use Somebody (Kings of Leon)
Trouble (Ray Lamontagne)
Don't Stop til You Get Enough (Michael Jackson)
Rock With You (Michael Jackson)
Roxanne (The Police)
Walkin' On the Moon (The Police)
Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder)
At Last (Etta James)
No One (Alicia Keys)
Vultures (John Mayer)
Dreaming With a Broken Heart (John Mayer)