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Aaron Crawford & The Badcards

Sterling, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Sterling, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Garage Rock




"Aaron Crawford & The Badcards on The Circus Life Podcast"

On today’s show Aaron Crawford and the Badcards come in to play a few songs from their upcoming record and tell us some horrendously awesome/awful tour stories.

Episode 41 - The Circus Life Podcast Episode 41

"Go on a "Quest" for The Badcards +1"

Beck had "two turntables and a microphone" - Aaron Crawford & The Badcards have, um, two Barnums and a Crawford. Terrible first sentence. Just terrible but true, and I promise it'll get better. This Washington, DC band is comprised of Aaron Crawford and brothers Ken and Jared Barnum, and have been gaining more momentum than an Andy Dwyer thrown skateboard down a famous San Fran hill. Since March 2012, the pop-heavy punkish, and grungish band has shared the stage with likes of Youngblood Hawke, Gavin Degraw, and Dropkick Murphys. On June 10, they'll release The Quest - a follow-up to their acclaimed LP The Wager on Lost Compass Recordings, which was produced by Simon Katz of Youngblood Hawke. The band recently performed the title track recently for A-Sides. Like to hear it? Here it go. - Huffington Post

"ACBC/ We Made this Movie premiere"

Video Interviews on the Red Carpet of Rob Burnett's new film, We Made This Movie in NYC. Aaron Crawford & The Badcards as well as others featured! - RedBull Soundstage

"Aaron is continuing on the road to success, and definitely one to watch!"

When we first met Aaron Crawford, his passion and talent immediately captured us. Two years later after his KENTON cover shoot, we caught up with the young musician to find out where he’s been, what he’s been doing and what’s coming next. With a new record dropping soon, Aaron is continuing on the road to success, and definitely one to watch!

KENTON magazine: It’s been a while since we met and did our first feature with you. What have you been up to since then? Aaron Crawford: I have been up to a lot! Spent some time in LA recording and playing, and released a record that I’m super proud of, with some great friends, including Nik Hughes from Youngblood Hawke and Adam Macdougall from The Black Crowes. The first single “Bad Habit” did pretty well and had us busy performing radio shows and festivals in 2012. We also appeared on Fox 5's Morning show and hit some Red Carpet events in New York City, like the premiere of Rob Burnett’s latest film We Made This Movie. So far in 2013, the band has started work on a new record, was nominated for 2 Washington Area Music awards and invited to perform multiple showcases at SXSW. It’s been Rad!

KENTON: What’s the most exciting thing you’re currently working on? Aaron: I would have to say the new record! This one is going to be a fun record, more party with the same emphasis on huge choruses. I have also been dabbling with keys and electronic sounds, and I love gypsy punk. I’m really trying to bring all of that together on this one – a lot of energy and songs that make you want to sing along! Aaron Crawford 03

KENTON: Can you share some inspiration behind your new album? Aaron: My past has a lot to do with this new record. I wanted to step away from writing solely about relationships, and open up about things that I wouldn’t normally write about. Everyone loves a song about partying and getting laid, but that doesn’t mean every song has to be about it, you know? One of the songs, “Time To Swim” is literally about avoiding going to jail after a street fight, by diving into a lake and swimming to the other shoreline. I want those stories heard. Real stories make great songs.

KENTON: Anything exciting about this new album that listeners might not know? Or something you’re personally excited about? Aaron: Aside from some of the names that will be on the record, the most exciting thing I think is that I’m getting back to my edgy roots, which will make the live shows more energetic than they already are. Crazy truth and passion going into these songs! Really excited to get it out! I’m also excited about where music is going in general. There are some great bands out there doing their thing. I’ve been digging on bands like Chvrches and The Wavves lately and of course I got love for Youngblood Hawke! Awesome stuff!

KENTON: What’s next now? Aaron: My focus this year is more touring and I would also love to go overseas with this new stuff. After the record comes out, I’ll go where it takes me…

Listen to Aaron Crawford’s new single “Rebel Hearts One” below and download it for free for the next two weeks! - Kenton Magazine

""You’re about to discover–that his mission is to serve you catchy, soulful pop rock that’s designed to overwhelm your auditory senses.""

Tonight’s HFS Locals Only Spotlight features the broadcast premiere of a brnad new single by Northern Virginia modern rock band Aaron Crawford & The Badcards.

If Aaron’s name is familiar, it could be for a few reasons. Perhaps you remember his previous punk rock band, Rude Buddha. or maybe you heard us play his new band’s song “Bad Habit” back in November. Or maybe you saw the band on stage at our HFS Locals Only Live showcase that same month.

Regardless, you know–or you’re about to discover–that his mission is to serve you catchy, soulful pop rock that’s designed to overwhelm your auditory senses. His last effort included some big-name contributions, including Youngblood Hawke drummer Nik Hughes and Black Crowest keyboardist Adam MacDougall, and mastering by Brian Lucey–who recently picked up a couple of GRAMMY awards for his work with The Black Keys.

Aaron Crawford & The Badcards’ new single “Rebel Hearts One” re-enlists the studio talents of Lucey, and we’re sharing it with you as the band prepares to play a showcase at this year’s edition of South By Southwest in Austin. (If you happen to find yourself there on March 13th, they’ll be on stage at the Bayou Lounge at 3 PM sharp.) Watch for their new EP, which is set to be released in June. - Spam @HFS 97.5

"Aaron Crawford & The Badcards"

What is the name of your band? Aaron Crawford & The Badcards
Name of the band-members? Aaron Crawford, Ken Barnum, Mike Lilburn
Where did you grow up? I call Sterling Park Va (U.S.) home, but have lived in Long Island NY, San Diego California, Arlington Va and Hamilton Ohio
Who started the band? The band was started in 2012 by myself and Ken Barnum. Mike Lilburn joined later after tracking the song "Sick Sick Love" and playing some shows with us.
Where have you played 2012/2013? We have done shows in Los Angles CA, Washington DC (9:30 Club, RFK Stadium and others) New York City and other cities in the U.S. Our Favorite club is the 9:30 club in Washington DC
Do you have a web-site? Yes, http://www.aaroncrawfordmusic.com
What is the name of your best song? Personally, I think the newest material is the best that I have written, but the best song on our first album "The Wager" is probably "Bad Habit". I also love "Locket" which features members of the band "The Pietasters" and Nik Hughes from the band "Youngblood Hawke" The ending is a like a punk ode to Elvis Costello.. Love it
Who plays what? I sing and play guitar, Ken plays bass and backing vocals and Mike plays drums and percussion
What kind of music are you into? I listen to alot of punk rock. I also love classic rock bands like The Clash and The Rolling Stones.
Do you have a planed tour anytime soon? We have no tours planned, but we do play on touring this year in the U.S. and overseas
Who came up with the band name? I came up with the band name.. This project was started as a solo thing, then "The Badcards" was added to the name, after my favorite Bob Marley song "Bad Card"
Who writes the songs? I write most of the material. Ken and Mike have had a hand in writing on the new record, which we plan to record very soon
What song do you play the most? "Bad Habit" Since the radio stations have been playing it here in U.S. its become the popular one to play live.
Do you play the same songs each performance? Most of the time. We like to mix it up sometimes, and occasionally throw a punk cover or an old blues song in the mix. Whatever we are feeling for the night... Every room is different.
Have you released a album or single? We released an album in March of 2012 called "The Wager" on Interscope digital, and plan on releasing new material in the next few months.
Are you working on any new songs?Yeah, the new album is already written and we will be releasing a new single very soon! - Robex Lundgren (Blogger, Sweden)

"ACBC's New Vid for Bad Habit"

Rock N Roll! - Music Review Unsigned - Dublin Ireland

"ACBC/Featured Artist on KIT21 Seattle"

Aaron Crawford & The Badcards created a cocktail to describe what its about. The name of the drink you ask? “The Auditory Beat Down”! The bands debut album entitled “The Wager”, features co writes from Grammy winner Joshua Lopez, musical contributions from Adam Macdougall from The Black Crows/ Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Nik Hughes, drummer from Youngblood Hawke and was mastered by Brian Lucey, who won a Grammy for his work on the Hit Album “Brothers”, by The Black Keys! Recorded at the famous Hollywood Sound recorders in Downtown LA , “The Wager” truly encompasses what AC/BC is all about: Sick sound’s and relateable songwriting!

The first single, “Bad Habit” which describes realizing that a relationship can be nothing more than sex, has already gotten spins up and down the East Coast, and the video for the second single, “Sick Sick Love” (engineered and mixed by Ken Barnum, who also plays bass), is a must see, modeled after the great Elvis Costello videos from the 70's. Sugar coating nothing “The Wager” capitalizes on guitar driven, soulful pop rock that is “a top 40 hit waiting to happen”- I am entertainment magazine “Stay dialed in, this band could take the world by storm”! - KIT21 Seattle

"Aaron Crawford & The Badcards"

Who’s Aaron Crawford & The Badcards? AC/BC is a Rock n Roll band from just outside Washington DC

How did you guys came together and created this band? After leaving my former band Rude Buddha, I decided I wanted to write a solo record… I really didn’t know where I wanted it to go with it, but I had a bunch of songs and ideas. So I called up a good friend and producer/musician Ken Barnum to work on the project with me. He loved the stuff and has been with it since the get. Then we had Mike Lilburn join on drums after most of the new record was done and he completed the puzzle…

What’s the story behind the band’s name? The project was originally a solo project under my name “Aaron Crawford”, but after adding members and changing directions sonically, I thought it felt more like a band, esp live. I’m a huge Bob Marley fan, and one of my favorite songs of his is “Badcard”. So we named the band Aaron Crawford & The Badcards after that. Alot of people think the second part of the band name comes from the amount of trouble I have been in in my life, but its really just named after one of my favorite songs….

What are your music influences? I have alot of influences that range from all genres. I think the ones that really helped me define what I wanted to do in music are Elvis Costello, David Bowie and The Clash. I listened to alot of my parents old records, and the old stuff has great soul and vision. Bowie was experimental and weird at times, almost electro ya know. I really dig that. Some of the more recent bands that I dig alot and may influence me a little are The Black Keys, and Jack White.

What’s your method at the time of writing a song? Songs just happen with me. I pick up my guitar or mess with my keyboard and start playing. Melody comes to mind and I start messing with it. If it gives me chills when I sing a hook, I know its dope and I need to write a song around it….

The Wager. How was the recording and writing process? The writing process was pretty straight forward. I wrote close to 30 songs for The Wager. Ken and I started work on the album in a studio just outside of DC with the help of good friend and drummer Nik Hughes, who’s the current drummer of Youngblood Hawke. We tracked 6 songs and we realized that we were creating something great. So Larry Ciancia was brought on to produce the rest of the record. He narrowed 5 more songs down, and had us do a little pre producion work. Then we went to Los Angeles and finished the record at Hollywood Sound Recorders with him on drums, Adam Macdougall from The Black Crowes on Keys and Joel Sheerer from Alanis Morrisette on guitar. Everything was recorded live on the spot, with only a few re-takes needed. It was so Rad. We then brought on Shawn Everett to Mix down the sessions, and had it mastered by Brian Lucey.

How you guys came out with the album’s title? The album title came from a bet made by myself and good friend Tommy Ritter while sitting outside of Red Rocks in West Hollywood. He wanted me to play in LA so bad, and he told me if I would come out and do a show and perform “Come on Eileen” , he would wear a T-shirt with Obama’s face on it (hes a hard core republican). If I didn’t come out to perform, I would have to go out with him in the future wearing a t-shirt with a Republican president on it, like George Bush or something. We shook on it. So I came out, did a solo show at The Viper Room, which was packed, but i forgot to play “Come On Eileen”, so neither party won the bet. haha That’s how the album name came about, a “Wager” made by two friends over drinks…

So you are working on a new album. Can you give us any details/insights about it? Any official release date, title in mind? Yes. The band started writing the new album a few months ago, and have already recorded one of the first singles “Rebel Hearts”. On the last record, we went for a specific Rock N Roll sound. On this one, I’m looking for a sound that is fresh and relevant, yet non specific to any genre, something that takes us back to our punk roots but also remains accessible to Pop fans and radio. I’m a huge fan of synthesizer’s and being experimental with beats, so that will show through on the new record as well. At the end of the day, the approach will be the same. Just write and record good songs. The plan is to release something in March, and the only name that has come up so far is “Bitchin Vangaurd” I love that!

How was it to work with Joshua Lopez and Adam MacDougall? Like working with geniuses. Both are the tops at what they do. Joshua is a beast at songwriting, and can write anything in any genre. One of the best out there for sure! I loved his work with Kanye on “American Boy” and all the stuff he did with Joss Stone is the shit. The song we did called “Next To You”, was originally written as a dance track, but I heard a rock version in it. So I put my own spin on it and wrote a bridge that flowed with a little more - Vents Magazine

"Songs Just Happen"

Stickers Magazine- Songs Just Happen

What is your thought process when working on new music? Music for me is a spontaneous thing. Songs just kinda happen. Normally starts with a Melody, or catchy line or phrase, while strumming a guitar, and I build from there. Then I start thinking about whats best for the song I’m writing, what format, how I want it to move ya know. Flow is key in writing a good song.

What inspires your music? Life

How would you classify your music? Hard to classify music anymore. So many combinations of styles and genres. Most would say we are an alternative band but I would say Pop. Now adays it tough to distinguish a band from pop to whatever. I think of Pop as bands or music that is popular, which makes the genre huge. Since our singles have hit radio, and the names on this project are in the public eye, pop just feels like the right classification.

How would you describe yourself as an artist? Passionate, very passionate.

What sets your music apart from others in your genre? The fact that I come from a punk rock background. Punk is truth and life and good times and bad. Its love and anger. Its action ya know. Its about pushing the envelope. What I write it real, not written to be anything but what it is whether its about someone I love, or someone I dont…

When you are working on a new song… Do you already have a concept in mind or do you rather write on top of music/beats? Songs really just happen. As a songwriter, its very rare that I will write a song, or think of a beat and write the music, and then come back and put the lyrics and song around it. Sometimes Ill take something I’m working on in a different direction. A song could start out moving a certain way, and then Ill ask myself if the song should be more along the punk side, or rock or blues or maybe swing a little different. I’m sure its dope to have a beat made, and then go back on it and track.. But that’s not what I do.

What are some of your musical influences? Love David Bowie, love his writing and style! I’m also a huge fan of the Rolling Stones. They just write great music. As far as bands that are doing their thing now, probably The Black Keys, I dig Santigold as well.

What obstacles have you faced in the music industry? What hard lessons have you learned while working in the industry? My first band Rude Buddha did alot underground. We spent years on the road, and we had a single hit in a few major markets which then had us showcasing in NY and LA for record labels and such. We had sales numbers ya know, we were selling out shows up and down the east coast and getting press. One Label even went as far as putting us up in a major hotel in NYC and gave us whatever we wanted, drugs booze. Even asked us if we wanted some girls. It was good times for sure. Was really cool! This was all happening, and then the record industry collapsed in 05-06, hurting bands like us with deals on the table, about to get our break. This also almost broke the band up and we never really recovered from what was happening. This was a tough lesson to learn. But the one thing it taught me is that If I have the songwriting and ability to get that far, then I can continue to pursue. So I wrote some demos, got some attention and ended up In LA tracking my first solo effort, which is doing great!

Do you feel that people really understand the business aspect of the music industry? I think that most people would say they do. Most think its a business of dreams that sell a product. But that product is a person, and things get ugly… Its nothing more than the Pimp/Prostitute model really… The hooker (Artist) gets paid to entertain, do what she does best ya know and then gives most of the money she/he earns to the Pimp (Label). Its a little more complex than that, but by principle the same….

What changes do you feel that need to be made in the music industry? What direction do you see the music industry going? I think the Industry has embraced the Social Media side of things, and have taken steps to sign better talent (for the most part), mostly due to majors taking on the “Indie” model. I do think that the majors need to start putting money down on artists that are truly gonna take, not just force feeding garbage to the public. The industry needs better A+R reps, not just punks out of college who booked a couple of frat parties and majored in communications ya know. People who take trends into consideration, but don’t make decisions based solely on them. Artists that can write timeless music will better benefit the Industry then trend setters.

What steps have you taken to market your music? I put some funds into it, social media based marketing and use publicists from time to time. Word of mouth is key in getting music out there, so I use a street team as well.

If you can have any collaboration with an artist who would it be and why? I would love to work with Santi White (Santigold) . Shes so creative, an - Stickers Magazine

"Q&A with Aaron Crawford"

The release of Aaron Crawford’s first solo album, The Wager, marked not only the beginning of a new chapter in his career, but also the end of a long period of self-discovery and rededication to music. After spending several years with the punk group Rude Buddha, Crawford decided to direct his musical energy into other channels, and the result is an honest rock album with no strings attached.

Aaron Crawford and the Badcards (his backing band), who have already seen success throughout the East Coast, continue their rise to popularity at the 9:30 Club on Sept. 15 along with The Silent Critics and Practically Einstein. DMD caught up with Crawford recently to discuss the show, the making of the album and Gary Busey.

D.C. Music Download: You previously fronted the punk band Rude Buddha, which had some pretty notable success-you guys played Warped Tour and performed alongside bands like Hoobastank and Papa Roach. What was it like transitioning out of that scene into your solo career?

Aaron Crawford: It was tough. I knew what I wanted to do, but coming from that scene made it difficult for me to pursue a different sound. I was also in a weird transition personally. After some tough times, I had to completely destroy myself, get to rock bottom to actually see the real me: the me with nothing. I decided not only what I wanted out of life, but also whether I wanted to even do music anymore. Once I was there, I started writing again without thinking is this “punk” enough or “ska” enough-just writing. Being in such a low position really helped me find myself and write with a better understanding of the sound I wanted. In a sense, transitioning out of the old scene was like taking 20 steps back to move one forward, but totally worth it!

DMD: What is the inspiration behind your album title The Wager?

AC: A buddy and I (comedian Tommy Ritter) were sitting outside Red Rock in West Hollywood talking about what I was planning on doing after Rude Buddha parted ways over a few. I told him I didn’t know, ya know, maybe nothing. He asked me to come out and perform a show at the Viper Room, he told me his girl (Allison Ritter, who is a killer publicist), would promote the show.

I was reluctant, but intrigued by the idea. I mean, to play Johnny Depp’s old room, where so many wild Hollywood rock stories have come from would be super cool! He noticed my reluctance, bought me a shot and made a “Wager” with me. He said that if I came out and played the Viper Room, he would wear an Obama T-shirt for a day. This cat is a hardcore Republican, so I took his deal just to see him rock that shirt! I flew out and did the show, which turned into a residency and started this whole “solo” thing. The album is named after that night and the “Wager” we made. (He never wore the shirt, but he almost smacked Gary Busey in the teeth, which made up for it)

DMD: To me, your style of music is rock ‘n’ roll, but you’ve also got some elements of soul and punk thrown in the mix. What are some bands you listened to growing up that inspired you to get into music, particularly the punk scene?

AC: Growing up I loved the So Cal punk movement. Bands like Rancid, Offspring, Green Day and Face to Face really got me into that sound. But during this whole period I also listened to a lot of my dad’s old records: Rolling Stones, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry-stuff like that. I noticed that there was so much feel in the music, and this music was more complex, but relatable. I don’t know, I just liked it all around.Then I heard the Clash, and it was over. So dope! They took all the sounds I was hearing and mixed them up. My dad had an electric guitar lying around that he would play from time to time. I picked it up and tried to mimic what I was hearing, and that’s how it started!

DMD: You’re co-headlining the 9:30 Club on Sept. 15 with The Silent Critics and Practically Einstein. Could you tell us more about how this show came to be?

AC: Well, every now and then a good friend of mine Amber Foster, who just happens to book shows in the area, will give me a call with a show. I guess Lisa White [booking manager at 9:30 club] had given her the opportunity to book a few shows at the 9:30 club, and she called us to do one of the dates. This is one of my favorite rooms, so we took the show.

DMD: The Wager features a whole bunch of collaborators and co-writers, including Adam Macdougall (The Black Crowes) and Nik Hughes (Youngblood Hawke). What was it like having these guys onboard for the new record?

AC: It was sick! The whole thing was put together by label exec and publicist Kerri Brusca. She brought on Larry Ciancia [drummer whose credits include Everlast, Fiona Apple and Ray Lamontagne] to produce and he put the band around us, which included Adam Macdougall. Adam is the most talented keyboardist I have ever seen! Working with him was like a lesson the whole time. I was a huge fan of his work with The Black Crowes, so - DC Music Download

"Aaron Crawford & The Badcards are in the running for a gig on Letterman!"

Aaron Crawford & The Badcards are in the running for a gig on Letterman! Vote daily and check this video!! - Trey Frey

"Help an Unknown artist Get on Letterman"

You may have heard us talk a little about Red Bull Soundstage lately. It’s a multi-platform effort to find and promote new musical talent through social media and good ol' fashion touring. Right now, there are 23 hopeful artists in the running for a chance to play the "Late Show with David Letterman" in September.

Wait, what? It's one thing to make cool videos and send cool Fender gear to bands -- which Red Bull Soundstage also does -- but it's another thing entirely to zap a performer into millions of living rooms around the country.

A few months ago, Red Bull Soundstage teamed up with Robert Burnett, the executive producer of "Late Show" and writer-director-producer of the movie "We Made This Movie" to help score some scenes with Red Bull Soundstage artists. Each of the 23 finalists are now eligible to perform on "The Late Show."

“I was seeing all the sick opportunities (Soundstage was) giving bands and I also noticed that the bands involved were really good,” said Aaron Crawford of Aaron Crawford and the Bad Cards, one of the bands in the running for the Letterman gig. “There was a definite love for the indie musician across all genres. So I put my band out there, and got selected.” Crawford was bold enough to declare that if his band gets picked, he’ll get David Letterman’s face inked on his skin. That’s serious commitment.

Soulful singer-songwriter Eastborough, another musician competing in the Letterman contest, is constantly dreaming up new and unique ways to engage her audience. She went so far as to cover a Justin Bieber tune (above) and she actually made it sound pretty cool. “Soundstage has certainly had an impact on my goals as they really do nurture and support their artists,” she says. “A band doesn't feel so lost in the crowd.”

Most of the artists are unsigned, and besides the exposure and industry help, they can also score weekly giveaways from Red Bull Soundstage partners, such as Guitar Center and Fender.

The four guys that make up the Canadian pop-rock band Of Gentlemen and Cowards are university students, playing gigs around campus and for free at coffee shops, dreaming of “an opportunity to invest 100 percent of ourselves into what we would love to do for the rest of our lives,” explains singer Simon Edwards.

So what will the bands do if your votes catapult them onto the Letterman stage? Besides getting a Letterman tattoo, Crawford says that “there will be some heavy drinking and debauchery going down, probably some streaking throughout D.C. (where he lives).” The guys from Of Gentlemen and Cowards hope to give props to their school, Hamilton, for supporting them. Eastborough, like Crawford, says that “the beer will be flowing.”

Check out their music, show your support; you have until Tuesday, August 7, to vote and help give one talented band a huge career boost and an experience they won’t forget. Unless they pound one too many beers. It is Letterman after all -- who can blame them. - Red Bull U.S.A., Dina Gachman

"#Why arent these guys Crazy Famous"

Great Set from @AaronCrawfrd + the bad cards @StateTheatreDC ?#WhyArentTheseGuysCrazyFamous? ???? - Tommy McFly From Tommy Show, 94.7 Fresh FM

"Aaron Crawford & The Badcards"

When you listen to Aaron Crawford's music you're instantly struck by his sound- part So Cal punk, part rockabilly, part rootsy troubadour. Crawford, of disbanded local band Rude Buddha, has teamed up with local musicians Ken Barnum from 33 West on bass and Mike Lilburn from Poor Man's Lobster on drums. This musically seasoned trio pumps out hit tracks such as "Sick Sick Love" and "Let Go" and are currently on tour in support of their 11-song debut release titled "The Wager". - Brightest Young Things

"History behind the name "Aaron Crawford & The Badcards""

Whats the meaning behind Aaron Crawford & The Badcards?

"The band name came from two places, one being a Bob Marley song called “Badcard” I love a line in the song “I want to disturb my neighbor, cause I’m feelin so right” that line really hits with me. The second reason is and an old guidance counselor called me a “Badcard” due to all the trouble I always got in. For the record, I like to think of myself as a trouble maker with good intentions ;-)"

Where was the first show you performed at?

"First show this band performed was at the 9:30 club."

What artist would you say you are most influenced by?

"My influences range, but the Clash and Elvis Costello with a Sprinkle of Bowie. Love Bowie! Of course these cats were before my time, but in general rock and punk from 70s and 80s. Also really dig the Black Keys.."

What two words would best describe your band?

"If I had two use two words to describe my band, they would be bold and original. We live loud, and love attention!" - Jammin Java

""Behind the tough guy exterior lays a really nice guy and Aaron’s music is a direct reflection of his punk yet patient soul""

Aaron arrived on set early, a mixture of self-preservation ie. sizing up the situation and pure professionalism. Looking every bit the part without any of the attitude. From the leather shirt he was wearing to his jewelry and tattoos, Crawford is steeped in eau de punk.

Positioning himself mentally and physically for chart topping success, Aaron navigated the KENTON shoot beautifully, taking all the right cues and saying all the right things. In between shots Aaron took some time out to answer a few questions and we thought you might like to read what he had to say.


KENTON magazine: Growing up what drove you to music?

Aaron Crawford: Well, I was too short to become a professional basketball player but all kidding aside my family is way into music. There was music at every party we had while I was growing up. My dad would play guitar with my uncle. Music was just a part of my life. I saw how it healed my father. Playing the guitar was therapeutic for my dad. He seemed to play his sadness away and I think that is why I’m drawn to music.

KM: How do you approach writing your music? Do you focus on the lyrics or does the melody come first?

AC: It all kind of happens at once, usually late around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. I play around with the guitar and it just comes out. I’m not really a session kind of guy. It kind of just happens. It’s almost like a curse that turns into a blessing.

KM: One of the first songs of yours that we heard was ‘Let Go’. There is a joy in the tone that rings is almost anthem like. Can you tell us more about this song?

AC: That was the first song of this project but I got the idea for it when I was working in a band. The guys weren’t feeling it at the time but when I began working on my own I decided to go with it. This is a post-post breakup song. Not like a “to you” love song but a moving on kind of song. It was originally punk but I’ve done it four different ways and now I’m done. I’m happy with how it is now. And if the breakup didn’t happen then none of this would have happened. So in a sense I’m happy for the breakup because letting go was the best thing that could have happened to me.

KM: What do you hope comes out of your music?

AC: I want a career. I want to go big. In the band we got really close but labels collapsed and so forth. The one thing I realized through all of it is that I want a career in music. I just want to get in.

Don’t get it twisted, behind the tough guy exterior lays a really nice guy and Aaron’s music is a direct reflection of his punk yet patient soul. Always plugging away at his passion with a purpose and that purpose is—music and wanting to play it six ways to Sunday.

Stay tuned for Aaron’s album release, which also features the talents of Shawn Everette, Joel Shearer, Larry Ciancia, Adam MacDougall and Ken Barnum. Release date TBD. For more information on Aaron and to hear his music, visit aaroncrawfordmusic.com. --Jennifer Fragoso - Kenton Magazine

""The Rude Boi is back""

It’s been a long time but the Rude Boi is back, Aaron Crawford from local band Rude Buddha has teamed with local musicians Ken Barnum from 33 West on bass and Mike Lilburn from Poor Man’s Lobster on drums. This musically seasoned trio pumps out SoCal punk, rock, folkish reggae tunes with straightforward hit tracks like "Sick Sick Love" and "Let Go". Staying dedicated to his passion for music the crowd will witness Aaron’s intimate array of love, hurt and growth. Aaron shares these personal tribulations with his old and new fans hoping to continue where he left off with a new outlook but continuing the same killer music potential. On tour in support of their 11-song debut release titled “The Wager”, Aaron is eager to highlight his boundless dedication. If you can’t make this show or like what you hear get your Shamrockfest tickets now where Aaron Crawford and the Badcards won a spot to rock out this year. - On Tap Magazine

""Aaron Crawford & The Badcards is a top 40 hit waiting to happen""

Aaron Crawford and The Badcards is a Top 40 hit waiting to happen. Their upcoming
March 2012 EP release, The Wager, is full of awesome Pop-Rock tunes that would easily
fit into any club DJs rotation.

"Next To You" is a radio hit waiting to happen. This song is very well produced and is
comparable to some of today's chart topping hits by some of the hottest bands of the
day. A powerful vocal performance by Aaron Crawford is what makes this song really
rock, and I could see a live performance of this at one of the major music awards shows
that come on television each year.

Other really good tracks by Aaron Crawford & The Badcards include: Let Go, Bad Habit
and Don't Stop. Each of these tracks brings its own individual power to The Wager and
creates a unique blend of sounds that offer both consistent and variety.

Overall, as an artist, Aaron Crawford (and The Badcards) could be described as a little
bit funky and a little bit rock, a little bit punk star and a little hip-hop (yea that rhymed). I
could imagine this band's music sharing the airwaves with chart topping artists like Jason
Mraz, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 on Top 40 radio stations everywhere. You should
check out Aaron and crew and show them some love in March.
- I Am Entertainment Magazine


2012- The Wager: Produced by Larry Ciancia, mixed by Shawn Everett and Ken Barnum, Mastered by Brian Lucey
2013- Rebel Hearts One 7": Produced by Aaron Crawford and Ken Barnum, mixed by Shawn Everett, Mastered by Brian Lucey
2014- The Quest 7": Produced by Simon Katz, mixed by Simon Katz and Ken Barnum, Mastered by Brian Lucey



Aaron Crawford & The Badcards is a notable band from Washington DC comprised of Aaron Crawford and brothers Ken and Jared Barnum. Since March 2012, acbc has shared the stage with Youngblood Hawke, Gavin Degraw, The Colourist, Dropkick Murpheys and more at venues across the U.S. Their new record entitled The Quest, due out June 10th on Lost Compass Recordings, was produced by Simon Katz of Youngblood Hawke and proves to show the bands ability to reach new pop heights, while staying brash and unwavering.  This record is the follow up to the The Wager which put the band under the radar with the tracks Bad Habit and Wont Back Down.  They have been featured by Red Bull, Red Bull Soundstage, Kenton Magazine, On Tap Magazine, received spins on notable radio stations such as WHFS in Baltimore, Fresh FM in DC, Amazing Radio in the UK, iHeart Radio performed on My Fox 5 DC, and had videos in rotation on the California Music Channel as well as others.  Their music has been described as the lovechild of punk rock and new wave and grunge pop.

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