Aaron Delahunty

Aaron Delahunty

 London, England, GBR
BandHip HopPop

With huge support from the UK’s BBC Introducing team, an amazing performance on their stage at Radio 1 Big Weekend festival, recording a BBC Maida Vale session and securing the coveted BBC Introducing slot on the Radio 1 playlist, Aaron Delahunty is a name to watch out for.


Well as you've guessed my name's Aaron Delahunty. Born November 1987, from Gipsy Hill, I’m through and through South London born and raised. With that, I've soaked up a whole lot of culture and been heavily influenced by the diversity of my hometown.

I was born into the tail end of the acid house scene and brought up on the soundtracks of Britain on its early 90's comedown!
As I grew up, I always sang along to whatever was playing in the house as most do but it weren't until the boom of the nu-metal scene of the early 00's that I really discovered my voice. In 2003 I picked up a guitar… and have failed to put it down since!

Throughout my life and friendship circles, hip-hop was always a constant that saw me through a lot of tough times. Spittin' lyrics always seemed such a good way of venting all the pent up feelings I'd built up through the hardships of my childhood and I could have easily lost my way without it.

As time went on I grew from strength to strength and really began to realise that this was what I was born to do. No one else in the fam’ had any real musical ability so it was kind of a lonely time at home when it came to the understanding that I wanted to be a musician. Plenty of that "well you should have something to fall back on" kinda talk. But as time passed, that way of thinking morphed into real support and has remained that way to this day.

When I was around 18 I moved up to Bow in East London. I became familiar with the area after studying at the British Academy of New Music. Living in the heart and home of Grime really inspired and influenced me as an artist.
Over the last several years I have really engaged more vintage styles such as honky-tonk, classic swing and Gypsy Jazz.

This has had a profound effect on both my artistry and my outlook on fashion. I draw a lot of my inspiration from a collection of particular eras such as the industrious age of the late 1800's, Vaudeville, pre/post-war Europe and the early 90's east/west coast hip-hop scenes.
As you can imagine, naturally over time my influences and tastes began to merge and.... well... here I am!


Website: http://www.aarondelahunty.com/


Never Happen Again - Single - released Nov 22nd 2011