Aaron Forsyth & the Letters to the Dead band

Aaron Forsyth & the Letters to the Dead band

 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Timeless adult rock with a retro pop radio sensibility and american reality storytelling ability - can be placed anywhere ...-solo or full band version Aaron and his Letters to the Dead delivers..
His catalog is extensive and he is one of the most prolific, promising undiscovered writers out there.


songs exclusives:

To paraphrase a friends description... what if you could take a vocalist who sounded and phrased his verses like Phil Lynot of Thin Lizzy mixed with Bruce Springsteen or Bob Seger, but a modern twisty rasp like Scott Weiland of STP...? The pop song sensibility chrous hooks of old Rick Springfield or Cheap Trick? The energy level, dedication and songwriting/production skill comparable to Butch Walker... The controlled maturity of the Wallflowers...a veritable mash up of american retro rock sensibilities with a modern mix...


Letters to the Dead unreleased “Truth in Simplicity” EP 2008

Letters to the Dead “Someday” LP 2009/2010

Letters to the Dead “Restless Hearts & Weary Bones” LP2011

Letters to the Dead “GRAVEYARD RUNNERS” 2012

Aaron Forsyth “VIRGA” LP /2012/2013

Aaron Forsyth “Songs for the Radio That Radio Will Never Play” LP 2013

Aaron Forsyth “SOUTHERN BRIDGES (Drinking Songs)” LP 2013


Set List

Typically it depends the time slot allotted.... 1 set is a 13 songer...2 would be 26...
95% original...
when i have to do a 2 setter, i usually play 1 set solo- and then the 2nd set with the FULL BAND or blend both...i LOVE PLAYING SOLO