Aaron Heim

Aaron Heim


Acoustic Rock with a southern vibe and alternative/pop qualities.


My influences as writer include bands like Train, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, and folk singers. My influences as a guitar player would include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, and Kenny Wyane Shepard. Heavy Texas influences with a little rock mixed in.


I have two CDs out working on air play.

Set List

Sweet Home Alabama
Sell a lot of beer
Taking Care of Business
Brown Eyed Girl
Old Time Rocking Roll
Give me one reason
99 %
Cheap sunglasses
Pride and Joy
Wild Thing
Hold my Hand
What I got-D-G
Blue on Black
Keep your hands to yourself
Fire Down Below
Everything Falls Apart
Your momma don’t dance
Rockin Roll Pain Train
Broken Heart
Jack and Diane
Playboys of the south
I hear you knocking
Ain’t too proud to beg
Ace’s Leading
Hey Joe
Get a Hair Cut and Get a Real Job
Mary had a little lamb
Live like you were dying
Missing Her
3 A.M
Under Neon Lights
Yellow Taxi
Three Marlanas
Semi Charmed Life
Let Her Cry
When the Sun goes down
Running Away
Drift Away
She talks to angels
Really Got me
The Joker
Anything But Mine
I’ll Be
Mustang Sally
Steve Mcqueen
For the movies
Alright Guy
You don’t know how it feels
Champagne Sup