Aaron Heuke

Aaron Heuke

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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Even Through The Rain

Written By: Aaron Heuke

5 AM her alarm clock rings
But she’s already wide awake
It seems every day her world spins faster
Headed toward a new disaster

As hour by hour the sky turns gray
It feels like things will never change

And even through the rain
I’ll choose to sing
Blessed be Your name
I’ll rise up on eagle’s wings
You renew my strength
It’s Your promise to me
I’ll choose to sing
Even through the rain

In a downtown apartment all alone
The weight of his loneliness still grows
Mistakes are the anchor that keep him weighed down
If only he could break free then his freedom could be found

Never were we promised life would be easy
Never were we promised the sun would always shine
But we were promised we would never walk alone
And we would always have a hand to hold