Aaron Hoffman

Aaron Hoffman

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Honest thoughts...my songs are my life journal. I put my experiences and emotions into songs and try to show the outcomes. I've been inspired to continue sharing as I'm met with letters upon letters from those who can relate, have been encouraged, convicted or changed through my music. God is responsible for any positive outcome...I'm just a fallible man trying to help.

I've grown up listening to every imaginable style of music and have no real explaination for the style that comes out of me. It is what it is...you don't have to like.

I started writing when I was about 15 and have been blessed with encouraging parents through that time. Four CDs later... I am now 27, married with two beautiful boys and still writing. I gave up the stage to be able to watch my family grow so I'm a Police Officer by night and a musician by heart. One day I hope to make music my career.



Written By: Aaron Hoffman

It's a new day run'n from a heavy heart. It's like the world is try'n to pull us apart.
A million emotions pour through my veins, it's just enough to make a man go insane.
I called her on the phone and she began to cry. She didn't understand and I couldn't tell her why.
Felt like a dam was breaking and the roof was caving in. I just can't believe this could be "the end".

If dreaming so high made me fall so far in love with a woman who stole my heart. Then even if dreaming is all that I'll ever be, I'll go on with time dreaming.

So close and yet so far away. These memories we've shared seem to be lost in space and all the shooting stars could never bring this perfect love into reality.

Tell me where those blue skies have gone and tell me why these clouds won't roll on and tell me how this aching heart could ever start to survive.

Safer Inside

Written By: Aaron Hoffman

All her tears will never see the ground.
Every fear she swears ain't allowed around.
Oh, the lies she tells just to survive
cause she believes...that it's safer inside.

Strike a smile and nobody will know.
She raises her voice and laughs, puts on a really good show.
Masquerade is the way her soul can hide
cause she believes....that it's safer inside.

What does she wait for? Is there a love that is faithful?
Girl, you know you're able to overcome.
You don't have to run.

She hides the scars that come from trusting life.
Everytime she reaches out she receives a new bite.
Why does the heart still long to confide?
Does she really believe...it's safer inside?


Written By: Aaron Hoffman

Sometimes the simple things in life can be forgotten.
Sometimes the forest can't be seen for the trees.
Sometimes our minds only see what's rotten and we forget the beauty right between our cheeks.

What if all the flowers forgot to bloom and the sun lost track of time and set by noon?
What if all the birds forgot their lullabyes and what if you forgot to smile?

Sometimes your life can be a test you don't like taking.
Sometimes a second really seems to take all day.
Sometimes your pride keeps the "good times" waiting.
Girl, don't forget a smile can light your way!

You may go through a trial for awhile, but turn your frown upside down and smile.