Aaron Howard

Aaron Howard

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Intense, heartfelt folk/americana - John Fullbright, Paul Simon, Damien Rice, James Taylor. I live to move people with music - to let them know they're not alone.


Recent stuff:

- 2014 Kerrville New Folk FINALIST (One of 32 out of 800 submissions selected to play at Kerrville Folk Festival for the New Folk Songwriting Contest)

- Played Main Stage at Storyhill fest 2014 in Deerwood Minnesota.

- Sundance Film Festival 2014 - Performed with British film composer, Philip Sheppard at the Montana Film Commission Party.

- After winning a national talent competition I was selected as the official National Music Groundbreaker at HATCHfest. 

- Performed to a sold out crowd at Peach Street Studios in Bozeman, Montana and was recorded live to be broadcast on the radio across Montana for 'Live from The Divide.'

- Shared the stage with legendary songwriter and producer Patrick Leonard (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, Jewel)


I grew up in a strict religion. Rock 'n roll was the devil's work, which meant that most of my current heroes were hidden from my ears for the first fourteen years of my life. Music - on the other hand - was something I couldn't live without. So I played classical violin. It consumed the majority of my waking hours until my fear of the devil was overwhelmed by my interest in new sounds. I got into rock and folk and pop, and the world turned from black and white to color. I fell in love with songwriting and never looked back.

I rejected the conservatory route - scholarship offers notwithstanding - in favor of the good ol' school of hard knocks... also known as "life as an independent singer/songwriter." The trouble was: I didn't have much to say or anyone to say it to. So I wrote like crazy, practiced like crazy, played out like crazy, traveled like crazy, broke things that were whole and fixed things that weren't broken... and learned just about every lesson the hard way. I could look back and ask, "what the hell was that?" Or I could recognize that all the time and uncertainty led me to a voice that feels like home... a voice that has managed to connect with a few people along the way.

I'm a decade and a half into this crazy dream. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I don't need to paint houses to pay my bills anymore, and I'm starting to think this long apprenticeship might finally be making way for a career. This is my heart and always has been. I'm grateful to still be standing, and proud of the ground I'm standing on.

After all this time, I've come to realize that I do this for one reason: to hold up a light on the road at midnight and whisper to a fellow traveler, "keep your head up, friend. You're not alone."


Nice things people have said:

"Howard's talent for songwriting makes it clear that he's an old soul."

~ Yarrow Kraner - founder of HATCHfest and SuperDudes.

"Aaron has a future in the music biz for sure, either as a singer-songwriter in the John Mayer/Gavin DeGraw/Jason Mraz tradition, or as a talented multi-faceted session musician.... but more likely, for both reasons."

~ Cameron Smith, Concert Promoter - Austin TX

"I found something refreshing in Aaron. His music draws you in, and leaves you wanting to hear more!"

~ Kory Kinsfather, DJ for KCMM 99.1 The One - Bozeman MT

"Most of Howard's audience own his CD, know the words to the songs, and sing along at his shows... Howard has a real talent for songwriting."

~ MSU Exponent - Bozeman, MT