Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones


Aaron Jones is a guitarist/composer who uses a combination of intuitive musicality and technical virtuosity to create music that is compositionally deep, yet easily accessible to music fans of all backgrounds. He has been called the world's greatest guitarist by both his mother and grandmother.


Aaron Jones is a young artist who attracts a wide range of listeners yet is a surprisingly refreshing contrast to musical mainstream of today. His songs are deep and diverse, allowing each listener to take something unique from what they hear. Though Aaron has received critical acclaim from some of the most highly regarded musicians of our time, it does not take a musically trained ear to appreciate the emotion and honesty in his compositions.

With influences ranging from The John Butler Trio to Kaki King to Bela Fleck, Aaron's music moves through a range of musical palettes including bluegrass, jazz, world, traditional and modern. It is Aaron's eclectic sound combined with highly refined skill that has attracted fans of all ages and backgrounds.


The Things We Leave Behind- 2003
Window to the World- 2007

Set List

Sets typically range from 30 min to and hour and a half. About 90% of the music I play is original with some traditional tunes thrown in and the occasional cover of artists like Bela Fleck. An example of a typical setlist would be:

1- Shenandoah
2- Kokopelli
3- The Southwind
4- Dryspell
5- Window to the World
6- Ghost Town
7- Lazarus
8- Big Country (Bela Fleck)
9- Streetlight Lullaby
10- Promised Land (Ed Gerhard)
11- Just Like Me