Aaron  Katz

Aaron Katz


"Katz.. has a gift for hooks and melodies, and his voice is as warm and compelling as a crackling fire." - The Boston Globe


Aaron Katz - Producer/Composer/Arranger/Multi Instrumentalist/Lyricist

Born on June 10th 1976 into a family of musicians and actors, Aaron Katz began his relationship with music from the moment life began. As a junior in High school Aaron was asked to be part of the W.P.I. college Jazz ensemble as first chair drummer/arranger. With W.P.I Aaron toured Europe playing everything from Big band dance arrangements to small ensemble free jazz.

Aaron graduated Worcester Academy in 1994 receiving the coveted Alumni music prize and Mark D. Levine Lifer Award for excellence in musical expression and community action.

After receiving a music scholarship to The university of New Hampshire Aaron entered U.N.H as a major in music with focus on composition and performance. In 1997 Aaron was asked to join the nationally touring band Percy Hill. Percy Hill which had been around since 1993 was looking to move in a more song oriented direction. Aaron entered the band with a massive original song catalogue and his trademark smooth and jazz/funk influenced drumming and singing.

From 1997 to 2000 Percy Hill toured the country playing in forty two of the fifty states. Their album Color In Bloom sold thousands of copies and earned the band the Jammy award for Album of the year in 2001. The following year this same award was accepted by VT based band Phish.

In late 2001 Aaron began recording his first solo album "Simplest Warrior". He put together a band of Seacoast NH all stars and hit the road for a year in support of the critically acclaimed album. In 2002 Aaron was honored with the Spotlight on the Arts award for best Alternative album of the year.

In 2002 Aaron found a new passion and deep love for the art of studio production. After co-producing Color In Bloom and Simplest Warrior Aaron found a home in the recording studio and was inspired to start his own production company. To date Aaron has produced a wide range of projects including everything from full albums to artist demos to movie music.

With his extensive background in everything from classical theory to life on the road, Aaron has the ability to tap the individuality found in the artists that come to him with the same depth, passion and proficiency he puts into his own music.

His skills as a creative being has captivated the attention of thousands of fans worldwide amongst a wide range of industry powerhouses such as John Alagia (producer-Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jason Mraz), Shane Keister (piano-Elvis), Joe Scaife (producer-Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney),Mark Johnson (producer-Keb ‘Mo,Ricky Lee Jones, Paul Simon) Mark Eddinger (piano-Peter Gabriel),Bob Glaub (bass-John Lennon,Don Henley)...etc...

Aaron prides himself on extracting what is unique in each individual artist. With his years of experience as a professional musician in the live and studio settings alongside his" based on experience" knowledge of the ins and outs of the music industry there is no better choice for guidance in all areas of music production and creative career consulting.

Aaron lives in Dover NH. with his girlfriend and two cats. aaron@percyhill.com


Beneath You

Written By: Aaron Katz

When you weep with the world tonight I will stay by your side
When you say there is no silver lining in these shadows behind us

Oh all my love and all my soul is yours
And if you ever fall down I am the ground
Beneath you

It is hard to know what is real people all out for themselves
In this game been feeling uninspired so weak and tired
Oh all my love and all my soul is yours
And if you ever fall down I am the ground
Beneath you

Take this weight off a while
Let it all just fall away
And forget forget
The questions that keep on coming

Oh All my love and all my soul is yours
And If you ever fall down
I am the ground
Beneath You

All There Is

Written By: Aaron Katz

Everything does change
Never do we know
the way the wind might blow
come another day
but don't be afraid

'cause no no not my love
no never could my love
for you

ignorance is bliss
we live inside our molds
do just like we're told
could be hit or miss
like a first kiss

'cause no no not my love
no never could my love
for you

I am for sure
feels so right
open your arms
this moment is all there is

'cause no no not my love
no never could my love
forever my love
for you


Color In Bloom- 1998
Simplest Warrior- 2000
Percy Hill Live-2002
Currently in studio - 2006 release