Aaron Lee & the Love Vigilantes

Aaron Lee & the Love Vigilantes

 Riverside, California, USA

I am a singer/songwriter who writes about what he sees/hears/feels, has gone through personally or has seen others go through or experience and I blend it all up into a rock/pop/soul/indie/psuedo-folk soundscape accompanied by high energy, fun shows.


Muisc is the only thing I've ever really tried to be great at. It's one of the only things that's ever really been important to me. I've sacrificed alot throughout my life for it and to still be doing it. I've never given up on it and it's never given up on me. I've lived all over from California to New York City and toured almost all of the country. I put out my first album "Close Strangers" in the spring of 2011 through Visionary Records out of L.A. and have been out supporting it ever since. The band and I are currently writing new material for our upcoming Visionary/Lightyear/EMI records 6 song EP to be released this summer and are currently getting ready to do a short southwest tour taking us to our first SXSW appearance on March 17th after which we will begin the recording sessions for the upcoming EP.


Aaron Lee & the Love Vigilantes "Close Strangers" Visionary Records 2011