aaron LEVi

aaron LEVi


Aaron Levi, a kid from Chicago who believes he creates really good music and wants share it with the world.


In this revived era of the quality singer/songwriter, Aaron LEVI is determined to make his mark as one of today’s best and brightest stars. Aaron excels alongside many of today’s musical luminaries such as John Legend, Andre 3000, John Mayer, and Akon.

The music industry’s elite has already taken notice of Aaron LEVI for his formidable songwriting prowess. In recent years, Aaron entered in a songwriting contest hosted by NARAS and ASCAP, with more than 1,000 entries to sort through, Aaron Levi took top honors for his song, (Full of Fun) which is one of three featured on his previously released debut EP, aptly titled, “The Aaron Levi Experience.”

Hailing from the musically enriched city of Chicago, Illinois—Aaron spent much of his teenage years throughout the U.S. and abroad but strongly recalls his years in Chicago, Illinois, Clarksdale, Mississippi, Los Angeles California and Atlanta, Georgia. “I can’t escape those familial Southern roots.” It was those excursions that got Aaron Levi hooked on the soul, funk, hip hop and pop. “These elements of music connects us, and I feel that with music we can reflect the positive results or lessons learned from trying times or beautiful encounters,” says Aaron.

Aaron Levi’s ties to “The Windy City” are undeniable as well. “Music has been in my life since the second grade, in fact, I come from a family strongly influenced by the arts, whether it was music or theater. Music has always been more than just a career to me! It’s a lifestyle, adds Aaron.

As this lifestyle honed hi talents, it also brought Aaron in contact with some now music industry superstars. Both Kanye West (Chi-town native and friend) & Aaron Levi worked closely together early in their prospective careers. “I had a studio in my Mom’s basement, and Kanye had a production setup at his moms, and we'd hang out, making tracks or chill at the Taste of Chicago checking out girls. Kanye and I understood what we wanted to accomplish,” recalls Aaron.

“Aaron Levi’s blend of Pop, Soul and Hip-Hop leanings, his lyrics, are deeply romantic and socially conscious, his mood is spiritually uplifting, and all that is stirred up in a musical gumbo” – Kanye West

Aaron Levi’s musical style is greatly influenced by the music of John Lennon, Quincy Jones and Prince, and as it pertains to the writing, producing & recording his own debut album, Aaron Levi quickly cites the amazing Stevie Wonder as his greatest musical inspiration. “What Stevie painted during the 70’s was incredible – it simply captivated me,” Aaron explains.

“Aaron Levi’s music and artistry is substantive and a breath of new life in a marketplace full of disposable fluff.
- Jheryl Busby

Aaron Levi’s unique quality has earned him a spot as a frequent opening act for fellow Chicago native & R&B soul singer (Universal/Motown) recording artist Carl Thomas.

“I likened his live performance to a modern day Sammy Davis Jr. because of his gestures.”He sings without singing, and entertains through intelligence, he’s a ball of positive energy that comfortably floats back and forth from the stage to the audience.”
- Carl Thomas

“I like to think of my music as the ‘Sound from Tomorrow by an Artist of Today,’ says Aaron. “Performing and singing has been in my heart for years, & I now know the past years were training and preparing me for destiny.”


Project: The Aaron Levi Experience promo EP
Song Title(s): "Full of Fun," "Back Home," "Higher."
Year: 2004
Label: WDTH

Project: WE Ride (Single)
Song Title(s): "WE RIDE"
Year: 2009
Label: WDTH