Aaron Mauck

Aaron Mauck


Eclectic folk rock with a groovy percussive undertone to catchy melodic lyrics.


Influenced by legends such as Stephen Stills and Neil Young, bands such as The Pixies and contemporary bands such as Wilco, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, and The Shins, Aaron Mauck writes honest, catchy and melodic folk songs based on love, life, and overall world experiences.

Having travelled a lot of the world in his 20s, he's brought back on his experiences some insight in his lyrics. After spending time being re-born musically in a small town called Chesterton, IN, outside Chicago, he's relocated near his hometown in Evansville. He's assembled a band with like-minded musicians/songwriters, with similar and varying influences to help produce a sound that changes within a song, from song to song, and set to set.



Written By: Aaron Mauck

Not humble enough to be loud
Don't sin enough to be proud.
People runnin' like a storm is 'comin' 'round,
And they're makin' weathered faces all over this town.

Not shy enough to talk to you, guess I
Don't lie enough to be true.
Wonderin' how the faithless ever sleep,
Walk with eggshells exploding from under their feet.

Baby, I'm too crazy to be loved by anybody else,
Too sane to be loved by you.

Not caged enough to be a dove, no I
Don't dig enough to see above.
When contradiction comes a-knockin' at your door,
Know the richest of the fiction must still be poor.

Baby, I'm too crazy to be loved by anybody else,
Too sane to be loved by you.

Seen enough to know what's goin' down, no I'm
Not down enough to wear your crown.
Royals guard the walls as they're sure to knock 'em down,
And they're makin' peasant faces all over this town.

Baby, I'm too crazy to be loved by anybody else,
Too sane to be loved by you.


No singles have been released, as the band is working on material to eventually record in the near future. Songs, however, can be heard in their natural acoustic forms on Aaron's myspace page http://www.myspace.com/mauckmusic

Set List

We generally produce shows that are 3 to 4 hours long with minimal break time. In two sets, we try to play nearly all of over 30 of Aaron's originals, plus 10-15 covers. While focusing on originals, the covers are likely to change from show to show, to keep the music fresh. These covers will usually not be the most notable from the artists that we choose, which include Dylan, Young, Stills, Wilco, Ryan Adams, The Violent Femmes, The Pixies, etc.