Aaron McMullan

Aaron McMullan


Melancholy punk folk sounds a bit like William Burroughs, Billy Bragg, The Pogues, James Joyce, Flann O' Brien, Tom Waits and Fugazi making their own Basement Tapes in Pete Doherty's back garden.

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Ex Libris
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Blue From Black

Written By: Aaron McMullan

There's a drunk queen waxin, black eyes whisperin,
Says "Ten quid, quick one off a the wrist..."
There's a priest twisted wi' ECT
Those madmen 'hind his eyes keep makin' eyes at me...
So I'm contemplating leaving
I got thoughts hung wretched 'side my mind
Back street bedrooms, cum-soaked sidewalks,
Tell-tale bruises base o' my spine

And a song spat 'cross the room
Bled raw! Bled beautiful!
I tasted every line
Tasted like Tuesday nights spent coughin' up bad memories
Faces to the left and right and ahead o' me
Well, they faded with the twisted snarl inside o' me
Blue from black in front of me...

Woody Guthrie rollin' cigarettes on train-tracks stretchin' other side
Of a fistful sleepers,
Bound-up, blinded
Ease me, yes, I'm driftin' for a time
And I heard them singing some old rebel song
Means nothin' to no-one anymore
Just a flick-knife whisper cut cross history
Slogan scrawled cross shit-house door

And the queen done propositioned me
He had a song he sang to me
Was a tattered love-song
Ode to someone chewed the soul from outta him
But the song that snared my senses, yeah
Wasn't his was someone elses, yeah
And I can't recall a single line
And I never heard that song again...

Sinead In Savage Purple

Written By: Aaron McMullan

She smokes in the dark behind my eyes
Eyes sunk blackened in my head
Head sunk sleepless someplace 'thin the bed
Ahead of me, a sprawling white-wash tapestry
Sebastian he smiles at me
Yeah as the arrows pierce him, still he smiles

Oh, here in the dark beneath these sheets
I watched a play performed by spirits 'midst the twisting waves o' heat
And when the play was through
I had a waking dream of you
Yeah dreams are all I have
And they speak wordless in your voice

And with St Augustine one morning at the road-side
With the day around us pulsin'
Bathed in melancholy dew
The sun - it parted, just a moment
By request of gold-spun angels
In the cracks atween the rays I heard them sing for you

I wrote a song about your eyes
A dozen lines for every time I thought 'bout your eyes meetin' mine
And when the song was done, your smile, it spawned another one
Your hair - some melody was so divine
I knew that melody weren't mine

Where once was nothin', less than nothin'
'Hind my smile
Now sits Sinead in savage purple
And I sing to her sometimes
And though I know I don't deserve to speak her name
I can't forget that it is all I'll ever have of her
I'll take what I can get...


"Yonder! Calliope?" - album - released July 2007 via Ex Libris Records and NDN Distribution.
"Whiplash Tongues" - EP - download only (TBC) released via Ex Libris Records

Hitherto these "proper" releases, several free-to-download net-records were released via www.aaronmcmullan.com

These are still available, and are as follows;

196 0r So... (2006)
75 MG (2005)
120 Removed (April Songs) (2005)
Songs From The Back Room (2005)
Stuff I Did 2003-2005 (Compilation)

Set List

Sets have varied in length from 5-songs to 20. General set at present is 30 mins long, but could easily be three times that. No covers. Set is-
I Do Believe You Are The Devil
The Azure Tongues Of Summer
Sinead In Savage Purple
Sketches In Broken C
Go Fuck Yourself
City Country City