Aaron Morrill

Aaron Morrill



After stints as a Peace Corps volunteer, Assistant D.A., defense attorney, husband, father and general bon vivant, Berklee alumnus and former sideman for disco diva Carol Williams, Aaron Morrill has returned to his first love, music.


It's Gonna Take Time

Written By: Aaron Morrill

As I look at you
I can see it in your face
time is running out
In your mind you’ve lost your place

But I know you well
And I’ve seen your stuff
With every fall you took
You’ve always stood back up

Its gonna take time, I
know that you’re gonna rise
I’ve no doubt
You’re gonna make it through

It’s gonna take time, I
know you’re strong and you’ll fight on
‘cause I believe, I believe
I believe in no one quite like you

Though it’s hard to see
you’ll be glad you saw it through
you can’t give no more
than the best that you can do

So don’t give it up, don’t give it up
I know you’ve got it in your heart
babe, just stick it out a little longer
time is sure to do its part

? 2001 Aaron Morrill


Written By: Aaron Morrill

Autumn looms with new conviction
windswept dreams make their return
like the leaves twisting slowly in the breeze
I fall to earth

Summer waives goodbye indifferent
hues of orange pull me in
Once again I feel imprisoned
Again the pain begins

I?ll never know
Why it is you had to go
Who decided it was time
that we were on our own

I?d give it all
to tell you how you touched the deepest places in my soul
September will you ever mean anything but shattered dreams

Children play again in schoolyards
the sun moves south another year
though memories fade like the white caps on the waves
I feel you here

©2002 Aaron Morrill

Reach Down Inside

Written By: Aaron Morrill

A bright light
he's a star
in his own estimation
a sharp tool
he's the king
of his chosen domain

He gets straight
in your face
when he loses his patience
strikes hard
knows no rules
you know the man has no shame

The words wound your pride
and as your doubts start to grow
you've got to reach down inside

You gotta fight
Let him know you're stronger
You've got rights
you're not gonna take it no longer baby
It's black and white/it's alright
He ain't gonna ever wrong you no more, no more

He lies in wait
for mistakes
hopes you'll make
if you falter
He trips you up
hopes you'll fall
when you give him the chance

Makes it known
his beliefs set in stone
won't be altered
Takes the view
his abuse
is the cause to advance

I know it's sometimes easy baby
to let it slide
but there is no denying honey
that it's killing you inside

© 2004 Aaron Morrill


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