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My Man To Be

Written By: Aaron Morrill

Am I dreaming
am I here
am I just a foolish girl

But I feel him breathing
his touch reveals
this can’t be fake
it’s far too real

We are dancing
the moves we make
are leaving me
short of breath

I hold him tightly
we’re face to face
this ride of his
don’t take no rest

I could stay like this for good
If you asked me to
It’s clear to me I would

My man to be
Is standing next to me
I’ve got to play this down
Not gonna let him know
That I’m never ever gonna let him go

My man to be
Takes my breath from me
And I’m ready to bet
it’s amazing him just like me

Aaron R. Morrill
Copyright 2000

Let this be Love

Written By: Aaron Morrill

A white painted ceiling
a rug on the floor
the wail of a siren
a half open drawer

A black and white picture
hangs over a chair
clothes on the bedpost
the smell of your hair

sheets flow like water
my face in your eyes
a breeze through the window
the music like sighs/rise

A book on the dresser
the air/smell of perfume
The creak of a bedspring
the sunshine at noon

The light on your wall
the world
seems suddenly small

Let this be love
on the rise
Let this be true
Let it go on
with such grace
in its time

a voice from the sidewalk
a child laughs out loud
Miles on the radio
sweat on your brow

footsteps beat softly
a drip from a spout
the bark of dog
the touch of your mouth

White noise filled silences
shadow crossed skin
a fluttering curtain
a cat slinking in

Lying beside me
your breath on my cheek
heartbeats slow gradually
time in retreat

© 2005 Aaron Morrill