Aaron Nadeau

Aaron Nadeau

BandHip Hop

The band is my wife and myself. We work on solos and collab together. Our hip hop is unique in style and sound, and very versitile. The tracks are all lyrically heavy and stay on point with the flow. It is a new genre called "Hip hop evloved" and it's hittin hard already.


We are firm believers that music is the soundtrack to life. Music unlocks peoples minds. The songs we create are about life, from the club banger to the hip hop ballad. Our sound started in from a freestyle flow to the production of 20+ songs, and a plethera of songs still in production. We both are highly versitile artists, we sing and rap and do everything in between. We are both high energy people, the love for music and the energy creates some killer tracks.


Track Names for songs thus far:
Booty Yum
$1 and Some Hennessey
If the Streets Could Talk
Dream Girl
Player's Hustle
Show Her The World
Baby Please
Mary Jane
Northwest Buddah
Move Your Body
Hardest Thing
Memiors of a Gangsta
That Ain't Me
This Just in
Didn't Know
Show You Love

Set List

no shows as of yet. We are heavily into writing and recording at this moment.