Aaron Outlaw

Aaron Outlaw

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Not the typical rap artist, Aaron Outlaw has developed a new, innovative form of hip hop that he combines with dance music. His unique style and never heard before sound is popular amongst a wide variety of audiences and if marketed by the right company, his music sales could be very profitable.


Aaron Outlaw was born on January,21,1986 at Maryland General Hospital. He was raised in the west Baltimore area called Sand-town, Fulton Avenue, till the age of 5.One day, a social worker arrived at the home, and informed his mother,they would be taking her child Aaron. Due to the high levels of lead, and his mothers heavy heroin and crack addiction, the house had been deemed unsafe.This was the start of a long and hard life in the system.After spending time in numerous group home facilities and foster homes including (Gentry McDonald & Woodbourne) Aaron, began to realize that tears would get him nowhere, but focus and determination would. Constantly, fighting and getting into trouble in school he was always labeled a problem child. But due to an extraordinary personality, and an uncanny ability to adapt to his surroundings and be diverse he was always a principal and teacher favorite.

It was around third grade when the teachers and group home staff realized that Aaron was extremely intelligent for his age. Aaron was asked to take a special college course study, in which he learned that he was a 5th grader reading at an 11th grade level. Aaron was asked to represent the state of Maryland in an academic performance competition, but was later removed because of his behavioral problems. However, this did not discourage Aaron, he enjoyed reading more then anything in the world. Aaron would read adult level novels, he loved fantasy stories because they were a way to escape the harsh reality of the foster homes and group homes he was contained in.

One day Aaron heard a fellow group home kid rap an LL cool J rap and immediately fell in love with hip hop. He was attracted to the word play, grammar usage,and the rhyme patterns, This was the beginning of something special. He began studying the dictionary and reading for hours each day in an effort to expand his imagination, creativity and wordplay. He had already made up his mind that the best revenge to his family would be fame and success.

A competitive person, Aaron not only wanted to be a famous rapper, he wanted to be the best! In middle school, he was always writing raps instead of doing classwork, and putting on freestyle rap shows for the entire cafeteria. In 2003 at age fifteen while in 10th grade Aaron, going under the rap name "Ekleps", released his first self titled album. Since, he was not signed he financed his entire project and distributed his 11 track demo at school by himself. He received a lot of positive feedback from his album, even his enemies came up to him singing his songs. Aaron realized he had a God given ability when it came to music. His talent far surpassed his fellow peers.

In 2012 Aaron released his first music video "Swagger Overload". The amount of positive attention he gained was phenomenal. Catching the attention of Big Meech, he was immediately signed to vision entertainment. With the release of his latest video "Got It Bad", Aaron officially dropped his alias Ekleps and started going by his real name "Aaron Outlaw". Now at age 25, with the support and financial backing of a real label, Aaron is poised and and ready to make a huge statement on the Baltimore hip hop scene. With a sound like no other, past or present and an exceptional vocabulary, he is in a position to be one of the first from Baltimore to ever do it on a mainstream level.


2012 - "Gotta Be Him"