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I'm Not A Hipster - 10 song album - June 2010.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon and many other places online.

Album was In-rotation in 2010 on 90+ college and indie radio stations across North America and entered the charts in upstate New York.




Left-handed people are more creative than right handed people...
Other than ice and snow, entertainers are Canada's only gift to the world...
Aaron Peta is a left-handed Canadian. What are the chances?!
Transplanting himself from his native Edmonton, Alberta, and absorbing the character of New York City, Aaron has begun developing an output of music quite unlike any other.

On his debut record, I’m Not A Hipster, released in June 2010, Aaron recorded 10 of his best hook-filled pop-rock songs. Bob Suehs of Rock N Roll Experience wrote it's "the male equivalence of Kesha," Brian Palmer of StereoSubversion wrote, "This is by far the most unique album I've listened to in 2010," Bill Sherman of BlogCritics wrote, "Yeah, this guy knows his boho music scene alright," and VICE magazine gave the album the honor of Worst Album of The Month! Those hipsters.

According to Aaron, the origins of the title track “I’m Not A Hipster”, derive from his intention to be separated from “Hipsters” after living in lofts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for too long. His off-beat sense of humor separates him from those who “drink organic beer and smell weird.”

Aaron’s eclectic taste in music is reflected on I’m Not A Hipster and the disc covers a multitude of lyrical and musical moods and observations, ranging from the wry and the witty to the achingly honest. From the psychedelic country-rock ballad “Way Home,” to the Ultra-modern “We’re Coming,” with its avant-jazz chorus and urban vocal style, diversity is among the hallmarks of I’m Not A Hipster.

Using both traditional and modern rock techniques, the record incorporates elements from a wide variety of styles. Old overdriven tube-amps buzz alongside modern synths. Acoustic drum sounds are blended with snappy electro-snares, and the perennially cliché autotuned vocal effects are sprinkled sporadically in novel ways. Produced by up-and-coming NYC producer Stacy O’Dell, I’m Not A Hipster also features Killcode’s Pat Harrington’s searing lead guitar on the track “Break Down Gravity’s Weight.”

Aaron, who moved to New York City in 2005 to complete a B.Sc. in Integrative Media Practice, (whatever that means) honed his songwriting craft when he apprenticed in music composition under Dr. Stephen Jablonsky, Chair of CCNY Music Department, an accomplished composer, music-theorist, and painter. The music department awarded Aaron the Ben Jablonsky Scholarship for Exceptional Talent in Composition of Jazz or Popular Music. Interestingly, Aaron’s musical mentorship can be traced back to early times as Jablonsky studied under Boulez who studied under Messiaen who studied under Dukas alongside Debussy, who studied under… the caveman with the beard who banged on a log.

Influenced by a diverse group of artists from Pavement to Motorhead and then from Shakira to Kanye West, Aaron’s output is continually being mutated, reselected and refined. But don't mistake him for a Zappa or a Ween or a Mr. Bungle. Aaron is not an eclectic absurdist. He is seeking to strike a balance between modern pop which he loves and idiosyncratic artistry which he is indebted to from his musical upbringing.

Says Aaron, “As a kid, I remember listening to my dad’s stereo and thinking, Hey I’m gonna transcribe Mozart’s 21st piano concerto, because – it’s easy. I mean, it sounds easy… Well it was friggen' hard. So I banged my head on the piano, like that guy on Sesame Street.” He then took the mangled transcription and his bruised head to his piano teacher who said, “No no no, this is a piano lesson. You’re supposed to play the piano, not rewrite the music that composers already wrote.”

So instead of being a classical composer, Aaron wrote riffs. First piano riffs, then he picked up the bass at age 13 and began writing loud bass riffs, inspired by the hair metal of the time. He soon got a tape recorder and began cataloging his increasingly large collection of riffs and progressions, both transcribed and original. This ballooned into hundreds upon hundreds of songs, and compositions, stints in various weird bands, until finally leading up to I'm Not A Hipster in 2010.

After dusting off the rubble from the release of the 1st album Aaron is now in the midst of developing his 2nd. "The new sound," Aaron says, "is going to be way bigger, louder, more modern, way more electronic and in your face with brighter tighter vocals, cooler synths, dancier beats and most importantly super catchy pop hooks." Collaborators on this album include upcoming NYC producer Ben Lindell whose worked with 50 Cent and MGMT, Robare Pruyn of the Brooklyn art-rock outfit The Rose West and Gordon Grody, vocal coach to the now legendary Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys. Look for the first rock/rap single, "Rich Life" on iTunes in computers everywhere near you in the next few weeks.