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Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States | SELF

Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States | SELF
Band Christian Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Christian Rockers"

Age: 29

Hometown: Cape Girardeau

Genre: Acoustic/Folk, Indie

How did you get into playing Christian Music?

A lot of it was that I was pulled into my former youth group's band. I was their roadie, played with them, worked with them on their songs. Then, I just started playing more, and writing my own stuff.

Why did you stop playing with your old band?

It's just me now, because they're living life, going to college, and whathaveyou so I decided to come out on my own.

Who are your influences?

A lot of people just a few include Billy Cerveny, Bill Mallonee, U2, Wilco.

How do you feel about secular music?

I enjoy it, I think that there is spiritual music in there that you have to dig for, most people just don't think about it, but if they looked they'd see it.

Why do you play Christian Music?

It is a part of who I am, its how God expresses himself through me, and he let's people see how I'm living through him.

How do you feel about the Christian bands that have become mainstream such as Switchfoot?

I think it's great that many Christian acts are getting mainstream attention. It brings the Gospel to people who wouldn't normally go to church, in ways that are relevant and artistically excellent.

Honestly the best "Christian" band in recent years has been U2. Sure you won't see them winning any Dove awards, but what they've done to bring the African AIDS Crisis, fair trade, social injustices, etc., to the forefront of the cultural awareness has been nothing short of godly. They've taken up causes that the Church has traditionally championed.

You always here the clich? that Christian music has to have the words God or Jesus in every song. How do you feel about that and does your music incorporate that?

There are two things I avoid in my craft: One are clich?s the other is Christian-ese. Most listeners don't know what it means to be saved or born again, so if I go on and on and on about that sorta stuff, I'll likely lose my listeners.

When I began songwriting I asked my good friend and favorite musician Billy Cerveny how do I do this as a Christian. What he told me, I've always followed, "Seek God and write what comes out. If it's a praise song, that's cool. If it's a story song that doesn't mention Jesus, that's cool. It's all about sharing what He has put on your heart to share."

I don't think I've ever mentioned Jesus in a song, but He's there. He has a way of haunting me, of showing up in the darkest and most unexpected of places when I'm not looking for Him. I've begun writing songs with God being the furthest thing from my mind, but by the end He'll show up and bring everything to Him. - Southeast Missourian


Rise Together-EP



"Mr. Picar sings passionate, urban nuanced folks songs of yearning. In a breathy voice, with minimalist guitar that recalls Nick Drake and some of the more delicate moments of famed English story-teller Cat Stevens, Picar's first offering is a treat.'"
Bill Mallonee--Vigilantes of Love, "One of Paste Magazine's Greatest Living Songwriters"

Aaron PICAR is eclectic folk for eclectic folk.

So just what does that mean? He's still trying to figure that out. One thing is for sure, Aaron has been described by award winning musicians and industry insiders as "Intense" and "Passionate"

With his debut album, "Rise Together" Aaron shows his distinct ability as a songwriter and performer and makes his declaration. Sounding like the sonic lovechild of Bob Dylan and Jars of Clay that has been raised by wolves like Vigilantes of Love and the Nashville Resistance, Aaron's "Rise Together" is what your ears have been missing.

Aaron also works as a special education teacher and youth advocate for troubled youth. This places
Aaron at the forefront of the new generation of artists and musicians. In a recent interview with the Southeast Missourian Aaron said, "I believe in the power of art. It's more than a nice song to sing along with, or a pretty picture on the wall. I believe art can inspire hope." A great song, or work of art can do more than just change your day, it can change your world.

Aaron believes this so much he has used his music and art to organize benefits for such organizations as Summit for Someone, International Justice Mission, World Vision ACT:S, Heart for Africa.

Ultimately, Aaron Picar crafts his songs to connect the unchanging truth to the changing world so the listener reaches beyond oneself to something greater.

Aaron supports the following causes:
Young Life Capernaum of Southeast Missouri
ONE Campaign
Human Wrong Initiative

Aaron can be found on the following sites: