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Aaron Raitiere

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Solo Americana Children's Music


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"Raitiere Keeps The 'Grass' in Bluegrass"

"Staying true to his Kentucky roots, Raitiere maintains the traditional bluegrass sound while managing to keep the 'grass' in his modern country blues-bluegrass tunes." - Centre College Cento


-Jeff Russell 02.NOV.06

Sometimes simplicity and melody are just the way to go, and Aaron Raitiere’s latest album Lazy Dog is a perfect example. With influences including Johnny Cash, Howlin’ Wolf and Gram Parsons, Raitiere’s mix of acoustic blues, country and bluegrass presents impressive songwriting, and is also pleasing to the average ear.

His alternative country-bluegrass style is something you’ve heard before, but the presentation of the genre is astute and almost brilliant. Songs such “Lazy Dog Blues” and “Leavin’ You For Me” leave the listener ready to move with porch-stompin’ attitude, and Raitiere’s placement of lyrics suggests a humorous tone with an underlying twist of reality. In many regards, Raitiere shows the signs of a true storyteller, bringing his down-home Kentucky upbringing to the forefront.

By listening to the album you can understand why Murfreesboro resident Raitiere is more than just another modern dirty bluegrass player, he grasps in detail the images of the country lifestyle. He takes the simple life and presents a picturesque scenario, revealing the humor of country life, but also the troubles of the common working man. The only issue with this album is it lacks variety, and a few of the songs sound a bit too similar, but this may because Raitiere is following a distinctive bluegrass/country style.

With a degree from Cornell and an Honorable Mention Award in 2005 for the International Songwriting Competition in Roots/Americana Music (competing against 11,000+ entries), Raitiere has shown his talent in arrangement and melody. His deep, smooth voice is able to carry the message of his songs well, and his delivery of lyrics is very deliberate, allowing the song to build almost to the breaking point, but then slowly falling back to his hook lines, leaving room for the listener to take a deep breath and relax.

Raitiere’s use of simple three-chord progressions actually makes it that much more enjoyable to listen to. The production of the album is not bad for a lower budget recording, but the feel of the actual sound makes you think to a time sitting with friends by the fire and talking about everything from work to old flames.

Basically, the album just makes you feel at home. Check it out at onetoothrecords.com.

- Murfreesboro, TN THE PULSE

"Music Joins Families"

Tuesday December 21, 2004

Music joins Raitieres and Norrises

Staff Writer

Aaron Raitiere likes the guitar. He likes being a
vocalist. His first love, though, is songwriting.

"I like to write lyrics and
invent progressions and melodies," says the Boyle County native, adding he'd
like to learn to play the drums. "I can't read music but I can tell a good

"Anyone who can play three chords on a guitar can play my songs. I
just like the fact that the stories are mine."

Raitiere, who recently
graduated from Cornell University with a degree in American studies, says his
music is "nothing complicated."

"Just simple chords with my own words," he
notes. "I say it's the blues if that's what people are listening for. Whatever
gets me a job.

"In Texas, I say it's country. You can't really get any shows
if you don't play country. In New York, I said it was Bluegrass, just because
there weren't many other Bluegrass bands around there to compete with. So I
guess people who like the blues and Bluegrass usually like my music."

father, Colin Raitiere, who is a member of local band Billyblues, calls
Raitiere a poet.

"He writes songs like Guy Clark or Townes van Zant," Dr.
Raitiere says. "He's a storyteller. He sometimes throws in perplexing melodic
twists that I just love.

"His songs sometimes seem far more passionate and
perceptive than you would expect from someone his age, but then again, he can be
sardonic in a kind of jaded way. A lot of it is upbeat, and frenetic - lots of
different stuff."

Raitiere performs Dec. 28 at The Dame

Raitiere's early
exposure to music was through is father, whose band will open for Raitiere Dec.
28 at The Dame in Lexington. Raitiere also performs Dec. 30 at Fat Moe's in

"I've been around (my dad's) guitars for as long as I can remember,"
Raitiere explains. "But more importantly, he has always encouraged me to think
for myself. He's made it easy for me to pursue my interests without giving me
too much instruction, and encouraged me with honest criticism rather than clichd

"He gave me my first guitar, but I taught myself how to play."

- Jennifer Brummet - The Advocate Messenger, Danville, KY

"Aaron Raitiere"

Influenced primarily by old songwriters and blues singers, Aaron has been writing and performing original songs since his childhood in Kentucky. His imaginative songs and soulful voice are a pleasure to even the most critical ear.

- Alan Rose, Muse Magazine

www.musefest.org - MuseFest Magazine

"International Songwriting Competition"

"Leavin' You for Me" is a Finalist. 11,000 entries, 70 countries. Winners announced in March.

Vote online for the song

www.songwritingcompetition.com - www.songwritingcompetition.com


Oh, Uh-huh, Yeah, Alright : 2002
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WMD - Logs Milk and Medicine :2004
My Dog, Stinky. : 2004
Lazy Dog : 2005
Kissin' Machine : 2009
Country Songs :2009
A Collection of Smidgets, Boogers, and Half-Songs :2009
Sleepin' In My Van, Man :2010
Even more Smidgets, Boogers, and Half-Songs :2010
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Rescue Dog Blues :2011
Bear Country :2011
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Ode To The West :2013

WMD - Logs, Milk, and Medicine : 2004



John Prine, Howlin' Wolf, Doc Watson, Dave Van Ronk, Guy Clark, Beck. ...a sound you've heard before...
... like Willie, Waylon, Townes, Jerry Jeff, Tony Joe, Gram Parsons, Peter Rowan, Tom Russell, Paul Geremia...
...mostly songs about love, life, dogs, food, cars, people, places, love, and other stuff.
...call it traditional acoustic blues bluegrass alternative country
with regular original words,
and sometimes long words too,
put to a melody,
and sung with a drawl.


Aaron's new kids record "SONGS FOR COOL KIDS" is complete. Hear songs and buy the album at www.amazon.com.

New Album complete and for sale at