Aaron Robinson

Aaron Robinson


"Aaron Robinson makes his solo bow with a daunting set of songs borne from bittersweet circumstance . . . We Are Racing Ghosts is every bit as haunting as its title implies." -- +Performing Songwriter Magazine, June 2008


Nashville songsmith Aaron Robinson released his debut solo album, We Are Racing Ghosts (Undertow) on April 15th, 2008. The sound and story of the record confirm the maturation of the former leader behind Nashville’s lamented indie-pop quartet Imaginary Baseball League. Along with its catchy pop hooks and lush arrangements, We Are Racing Ghosts is rife with haunting stories of Aaron’s own musical family tree, most evident in the stark “Dreamers And Preachers” and the kinetic folk-pop of “Broken Heart Empty Room”, both of which figuratively and literally mourn the “death of a dream”. The record beautifully and openly documents the frantic self-analysis of an heir to some lofty expectations.

After selling off many personal items to finance the record, including the guitar with which all the songs were written, Aaron recorded Ghosts during the summer of 2007. Produced by Neilson Hubbard (Glen Phillips, Matthew Ryan), the record includes memorable performances by Hubbard himself, songwriter Garrison Starr, and The Greencards’ Eamon McLoughlin. The struggles and sacrifices endured in making the record are reflected in the finished product. We Are Racing Ghosts is a record with heart. It is a disarming collage of music & lyrics meant to be shared, and an intimate portrait of an artist’s call to duty.

So far, Ghosts has received extensive local and national attention from Paste, Performing Songwriter Magazine, American Songwriter Magazine, The Tennessean, USA Today, SE Performer Magazine, The Nashville Scene, All The Rage, AOL Music, C-Net, and more. Aaron and his new band showcased twice at the 2008 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX.

The band and Aaron are already at work writing and arranging new material for the next record, which Aaron says will be “sonically darker” and “lyrically more intense” than Ghosts. “The first record was mostly obsessed with dreams and death, or dreams vs. death”, Aaron admits. “There’s a sort of battle between what you know you want to do, and whether you are strong enough to do it.” Aaron explains that the new material oppositely appears to be focused on the concepts of reality and life. “Dreams of ‘making it’ aren't as important to me now. I just want to make emotional records full of effortless sounding melodies, not just vocal ones, and an overall sound that is undeniably moving”.


We Are Racing Ghosts (2008)

w/ Imaginary Baseball League:
Revive (2004)
Cardiact (EP) (2003)
The Letter (EP) (2002)

Set List

All Us All
Dreamers Dream
The New A.M.
Dreamers And Preachers
Broken Heart Empty Room
Painful Fee
I Won't Stop
More Of Me
Price Is Right
Heaven Sent You
Short Division
Peek A Boo (Daniel Johnston cover)