Aaron Roy

Aaron Roy

 Denver, Colorado, USA

i used to be a jazz musician, and i still kind of experience things that way, but lately i've been writing songs
and playing them on piano or
a guitar tuned to sound like a big ukulele.
on the record though, i played other instruments..
casiotones, bell sets, mellophone, melodica, percussions etc..


i like singing, & am interested in lots of different music...

elliott smith, wilco, blonde redhead, radiohead, jim orourke, cocorosie, beirut, fiona apple, thelonious monk, bob dylan, jeff mangum,

those are some of my essentials,

as far as what my own music sounds like, i don't know..
i hope its a transporting & emotionally stirring thing to experience though.


just one 9 song album, self-released