Aaron Saloman

Aaron Saloman


Aaron Saloman's music spans everything from brash, moody rock to soft, delicate acoustic songs. The range of his influences are held together by great songwriting and his immediately identifiable voice. Aaron is available for booking as a solo acoustic act or with a full band.


“The songwriting and musicianship is peerless. I don’t know how others perceive Aaron’s voice, but I find it unique, powerful, and emotively charged.”

- Dave Burlovich, IndieSoundz.com

“There are few people anywhere . . . with a strong and unique voice like (Aaron’s).”

- Trista Groulx, SonicOttawa.com

Aaron Saloman is a rare find in indpendent music - a young artist with a unique, immediately identifiable “sound”. It seems very easy to describe most new music we hear today, whether independent or mainstream, by simply mentioning the name of another band. While Aaron makes no secret of his influences, they combine to make a sonic signature all his own.

Perhaps this sonic maturity is a result of his experience. Whether performing for 20 000 people during the Canada Day concert in Kanata, ON, two sold out nights for the acoustic Jeff Buckley birthday tribute in Chicago, IL, or a small rock show at Harper’s Ferry in Boston, MA, one thing ties together Aaron’s hundreds of shows . . . they leave people abuzz with the thrill of hearing something new. Equally comfortable alone with an acoustic guitar or backed up by some of the most in-demand rhythm sections in North America, Aaron has shared bills with popular acts such as Anet, Kim Mitchell, Terry Tufts, The Watchmen, Sass Jordan, See Spot Run, The Headstones, Tyler Kealey, and others. Aaron has also performed on the nationally televised talk show Jonovision, been featured in numerous print, television, and radio media, and was voted "Best Male Vocalist" from more than 10 000 songs at www.garageband.com.

Aaron has released two EP’s with his rock trio, and one solo acoutic album. "Muse's Whip", his first solo effort, was produced by Jay Ruston (Brian Wilson, Morrissey, The Donnas, Polyphonic Spree, Ari Hest, Artificial Joy Club, Wilson Philips, etc.). "No Reason", was produced by San Diego-based Kyle Lassegard (Signature Sound Studios). “Live & Acoustic” was an entirely self-produced effort, recorded live at a friend’s house!

A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Aaron is also constantly in demand as a session player, audio technician, and producer. He has performed as a sideman for Michaela Foster Marsh, James Blondeau (Ottawa), Rachel Black, Stephanie Jones (Boston), Eleanore Altman (New York), and many others. Aaron currently resides in Montreal, Canada, where he is active performing, recording, and producing.

Take a listen to Aaron’s music . . . you may just find a new favourite song!

- Chris Bateman, Ottawa


Worth Nothing

Written By: (c)2006 Aaroon Saloman (SOCAN)

Let me set the scene now
Some town at some late hour
Someone being someone else

You say, “That won’t help me”
I would tend to agree
There’s no help here, help yourself

Get up, it’s hard to breathe
Don’t say, “I told you so”
If that were true, I had a warning

I think we both know
Warnings come and go
And now I wait until it’s over
There’s still good of course
I just won’t endorse
Something that tells me that I’m
Worth nothing until I’m worth nothing

If you’ve got your regrets
I’ll tell you a secret
One that we all seem to know

If there’s truth in plainness
But yet lies in sameness
You could bed down in the flow

Let up, it’s hard to leave
Don’t say you didn’t know
If that were true, you had no warning

Words and Music ©2006 Aaron Saloman (SOCAN)

Somewhere Else

Written By: (c)2006 Aaron Saloman (SOCAN)

Have you ever felt like you’re alone?
Standing by yourself amidst a room full of people
Set to sail adrift upon dry ground
Left to make a wave when all the others have water

I can understand
You can take my hand and tell me

Clearly, I don’t belong here
If I wont be as I appear
Still, I can’t be from somewhere else

So tell me, can you recognize my face?
Can you look into my eyes and tell me I’m not like you?
Rest assured, I know that’s not the case
I’m still full of fear and hate, and love for too few

Still I pay the price
Take your own advice and tell me

Clearly, I don’t belong here
If I wont be as I appear
Still, I can’t be from somewhere else

There’s a drama in your head
Everyone has their part, but I won’t play mine

Clearly, I don’t belong here
If I wont be as I appear
Still, I can’t be from somewhere else

Clearly, I don’t belong here
(Clearly I don’t belong)
If I wont be as I appear
(How can I be wrong?)
Still, I can’t be from somewhere else
(Not from somewhere else)

Words and music ©2006 Aaron Saloman (SOCAN)

The Lead and the Gun

Written By: (c)2006 Aaron Saloman (SOCAN)

Warm to the touch, cold to the eyes
Speak to me such grey, earthen lies
Endlessly row down drought-stricken sea
Where can you go? There’s no place to be

I led a beast with no name
He promised me I’d have his fame
Had I known, I’d never have come
Now I’m torn between the lead and the gun

Safe to the tongue, fearful inside
He found a young man by his side
When asked why he’d come, he spoke not a word
But lay on his side and lost all he’d learned

I led a beast with no name
He promised me I’d have his fame
Had I known, I’d never have come
Now I’m torn between the lead and the gun

Words and Music ©1998 Aaron Saloman (SOCAN)


In Season - "Greatest Hits" (1998)
Aaron Saloman - "Muse's Whip" (2001)
Aaron Saloman - "No Reason" (2005)
Aaron Saloman - "Live & Acoustic" (2006)
Aaron Saloman - "Unreleased Recordings" (2008)

Set List

Aaron is available for booking as either a solo acoustic act or with a full band.

As an acoustic act, Aaron has years of experience playing folk venues, bars, pubs, and private events, and can provide up to 4 hrs of music if needed.

Aaron's full band lineup allows the performance of his heavier rock material, and is perfect for rock clubs, outdoor venues, festivals, parties, and bars.

Please listen to the EPK music samples and check out Aaron's YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/aaronsaloman to see what setup would work best for your venue or event.

Sample set list (full band - see below for solo acoustic):

Worth Nothing
Somewhere Else
So Far Gone
Where Are You?
Muse's Whip
Easy Chair
Ode to a Friend
Alone In Your Song
That Day
The Jailer's Waltz
The Lead and the Gun
Cold Embrace
No Reason
Take no Hint Lightly

Approx time: 1 hr 30 min

- set can of course be shortened, depending on show requirements

- Aaron's