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There is something to be said for artists like Aaron Seibert who go into a studio with just their guitar and record solo acoustic. Like the old idea that an artist should play in clubs for nothing to get their name out there; really put some blood, sweat and tears into their vie for fame. With shows like American Idol, it seems like just about anyone can get a record deal these days, without having to prove themselves worthy of that deal. So when artists like Aaron Seibert have a CD released, though not front-page news, there’s reason to be proud. There are only a couple of tracks on the album that aren’t solely acoustic, but as a whole, this album is a worthy effort. There are a few live cuts toward the end of the album that give the listener a feel for how Aaron performs live. Overall, the album has a folk feel and Seibert offers up songs that are personal and uplifting. - Shelby Morris - FACE Magazine July '04


There's Something (c) 2003





Aaron Seibert, a singer-songwriter-guitarist, an extraordinary performer… original like no other. Highly intense, incredibly dynamic, eclectic, quirky, he creates a musical experience not easily forgotten. Simply put…he’s a natural.

He is a native of Salem, Massachusetts. More recently he has hailed from Haverhill, Mass., but now resides upriver in Manchester, New Hampshire. When asked, he reports never having any vocal training and only one year of formal training under local guitar legend Steve Sadler. Aaron has played over 500+ high energy performances since 1999. Playing so much and so hard that he created a hole in his 1995 Guild D-4 model guitar last winter. He continues to sharpen his skills and increase his always naturally powerful stage presence with every finger & guitar shredding performance.

Aaron started playing guitar in 1990 while he was attending his final semester at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. As a child, his first major influences were The Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Steely Dan, Aerosmith, Queen, and Bob Seger. Later, in his teens, he discovered Stevie Wonder and Peter Frampton to be his favorites, which have remained to this day.

A major change in Aaron’s influence happened in 1993 when he began to play out at open mics in the Boston area. During that era, he bumped into the likes of Peter Mulvey, Ned Landin (Flathead), Don White, and Jim Infantino. The largest impact was made when he met Martin Sexton. One fateful night, on a slow summer evening, Martin Sexton played as the ‘feature act’ of an open mic. “I was moved beyond belief, in fact, the hair on every part of my body stood up. I couldn’t believe one man could sound like that!” Aaron recounts. As if that wasn’t enough, he faced his first monumental challenge; he had signed up to play first after the ‘feature’. He remembers, “I was definitely intimidated to a degree by somebody that unbelievably good, but I’ve always believed in my music and to be myself, so that’s exactly how I decided to approach my songs.” It was a defining moment because Aaron held his own that evening. His encounter with Martin Sexton solidified Aaron’s musical direction.

The next phase of Aaron’s musical development happened in 1997 when he moved to Dutchess County, New York and played with his best friend from college, Thomas Governale, who had once played piano for the ‘Eastman School of Music’s Jazz Ensemble’. This act, Stony Curtis, played locally for about a year until Aaron moved back to Salem, Massachusetts in 1998. After writing a collection of songs entitled ‘Inbound’, he met guitarist, Bob Valyou. Bob had played many years for various acts. Together, they created a guitar duo called Sole City, which later became a four piece rock and roll band.

Freelance reviewer, Nina Esile, comments, “Whether he's playing a cover or sharing one of his own hopped-up funky or sometimes soulfully placid originals, Aaron gives you himself through the music. I know. You've heard this somewhere else about someone else. But when you hear him rhythmically pound out Stevie Wonder's "Superstition", you won't mistake him for someone trying to sound like little Stevie. Aaron is Aaron, unmistakably. The only way to describe it is to say he lights up when he starts to play, and with his infectious smile and childish stage antics, it's hard not to feel some of that illumination.

The influences are there, most especially from Martin Sexton, but that takes nothing away from what Aaron brings to the music. He's got an innate sense of rhythm that makes you think he's been working at the music thing for decades, but like the smile, it comes from within.

Yes, you've seen and heard the singer/songwriter thing lately with the likes of Jack Johnson and John Mayer. There are others that you may have heard that will bore you to tears. Not true of Aaron Seibert. His own style of rhythmic funk-pop is as infectious as his smile when he's singing.”

Playing every performance like it was his last, his style is all his own and his songs are equally enthralling and personal. Aaron Seibert is meant for the stage and his songs are meant to be heard and remembered… for years to come.