Aaron Stout

Aaron Stout


Aaron sings beautifully and writes catchy melodies. He uses a wide array of instrumentation and harmony to accompany his great voice. Using loops he is able to create a full melodic picture rather than just a song.


“A mellow chime in the way of Aaron Stout greeted the listener with a slow tempo exploration that wandered above the club lights.” -Indianapolis Music Net
-audience members are overtaken by a little box with antennas on stage making weeping vabrato sounds as he tugs on strings of air with his fingers, moving them closer and further away from the antennas to charm out haunting melodies Aaron Stout’s music has a particular blend of instruments, sounds and vocals that places it in a category all it’s own. For over three years now Aaron Stout has been playing his own brand of vocally driven indie rock in Midwest clubs, living rooms and basements. His hard work has earned him respect for his songwriting, singing and versatility.

“Music is something that is always changing, cross-breeding, and sprouting new seeds (given there is nothing new under the sun) and within this framework the only limitation applying to music is personal preference.”
Anything from theremin and children’s steel drum to painful vocal shrills goes when it comes to Aaron playing and recording music. There is no instrumentation he won’t explore or incorporate. He believes that there is always room to explore new ideas and instrumentation to make music more heartfelt and capturing.


Queens Live in Caskets (2004)
-mp3's online at www.music.v2.com/artist/aaronstout

Set List

Aaron's set lists are usually about an hour to an hour and a half long depending.
Here is a list of some of the song titles:
lightspeed, fountain of youth, space station, Morning Prayer, to Prague and Back, It's great in Space, Talk out of Turn, Seeds, Perfect Dark, Flying Arrows, Requiem Lora, BiPolar Fall Song, My King, God and Money, the Marcus Garvey Song, ecct. Off and on he does covers, namely Guns and Roses tunes or older folk tunes like Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan.