Aaron Stout

Aaron Stout

 New York City, New York, USA

'NPR 'All Songs Considered'-"There's no shortage of singer-songwriters in the world, and with all the CDs we get in, it's pretty hard to distinguish one from the other-- but Aaron Stout is one that got our attention...I love the dreamy, otherworldly feel that he's managed to capture on these songs."


For most, it takes a lot of effort to pull off an impression of effortlessness. Somehow you get the feeling this isn't the case with Aaron Stout. 'Queens Live In Caskets' is the Indiana-born, Brooklyn- based folk-rock artist's debut album, and it brims with easy, understated confidence. Yet…there is all manner of oddness present, existing independently behind songs to hint at a restless compositional mind attempting to create atmospherics beyond words and music.

This emerging 27 year old reveals vivid images of travel, heartbreak and spirituality in whatever he’s working on. All of this, encrypted with brooding layers and ethereal sounds, further the listener’s experience. In September 2005, his song “Ballad of Mr. Lamatta” was featured on a monthly compilation put out by Comes with a Smile Magazine (UK) alongside artists including Sleater-Kenny, Frank Black, American Analog Set and Four Tet. Currently, Aaron is completing his second album that is rumored to be filled of the type of vibrancy and elegance that could only come from heaven on high.


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first song for jaclyn

Written By: aaron stout

it'd be beautiful to have a baby girl
i'd probably cry
every time i looked into her eyes
sing her to sleep with my guitar
in hopes that she dream
with the stars
pure as anything

one time i crossed paths
with a drunken saint
i gave him some change
and he gave me some bread
he didn't need it
he lived off deisel fuel
pure as anything

well i know it ain't cool
to say 'i love jesus,'
well i love jesus
so i guess, that i ain't cool
but at least i'm a little less
not like a snake
swallowing his own tail
pure as anything

i met a girl who made her money
working at a place
where men buy infidelity
but she said, 'i'm not the misteress
i could never help a poor man get poorer,'
pure as anything


'The Mind of Kings is Unsearchable' (unreleased)

Queens Live In Caskets' (Monotreme Records)

'Comes With a Smile' spilt w/The Last Town Chorus and James William Hindle (Comes With a Smile Magazine)

'The coronation' is currently getting airplay on BBC Radio as well as several streaming stations who have also played various tracks from 'Queens Live in Caskets.'

Set List

45 minutes to 1 hour sets
set: the coronation
space station
life is gay
talk out of turn
to prague and back
fountain of youth
ice cream man
the worry song
covers: oh sister (bob dylan), dare (gorillas)