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"All The Things I Forget"

Independent Clause’s review of

"all the things i forget"

I love folk music, but when I think of folk I think of the lyrical if not melodious emotional honesty of Bob Dylan, the brilliant folk/rock of Simon and Garfunkel, the sharp social commentary of Woody Guthrie and the airy melodies of Joan Baez. Because I love folk, it can be difficult for me to review folk music. I’ve heard great folk and it’s easy for me to demand more of folk artists than I should.

With that said, Aaron Thomas’ all the things i forget EP is a solid release filled with witty wordplay, skillful guitar playing and the raw emotion that makes folk music timeless.

Track three is a sad, mellow song about love. I can see that smirk on your face, reader: a sad folk song about love-what a concept. Though love is a common theme in folk songs, Thomas’s clever lyrics make this plaintive plea "to walk with me towards the sunrise" worth the listen. Also worth note is the twist at the end-you’ll know it when you hear it.

Track four is one of those rare songs that manages to be sad without sounding whiny or particularly sad. Thomas’ complex, interesting guitar-playing and songwriting skills are both put to good use. Phrases like "time can only heal when the hands of the healer are involved" make this song hard to forget.

In short, if you’re looking for a good, accessible introduction to folk music all the things i forget is for you. If you’re a folk fan like I am all the things i forget is for you. If you have ears, all the things i forget is for you.

-Brian Burns
- Independant Clauses online Music Magazine


Aaron Thomas- All the things I forget, 2006

The Brakemen- Dust Sessions, 2004

Justin Marty- Passages, 2001

Junegroove- Miles to Go, 1999



Aaron Thomas’s voice “seems to come from the center of his heart.” –Amy Raasch

As a young boy Aaron Thomas was often seen by his parents standing in front of the stereo speakers absorbing the vibrations of whatever vinyl was on the record player. An obsession with music ranging from Jeff Beck to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young was begun.

Having picked up the guitar before most boys learn to throw a baseball, Aaron developed an addiction to music.

After playing in college bands, The Troubadours, junegroove and The Brakemen, which carried him all over the east coast, Aaron Struck out on his own as a solo artist.

Aaron Thomas’s music is hard to put in any category. It is deeply personal and deeply emotional. Drawing from the inluences of old and the progression of the new, Aaron chooses to share his heart when he shares his music; and his lyric and melody are clear.

What brings the honesty of Aaron Thomas’s voice into full bloom is a deftness and maturity with the guitar. His notes are chosen wisely, his chord progressions intelligent and his patience apparent.

Over the years Aaron Thomas has shared the stage with notable musicians like Over The Rhine, Caedmon’s Call, Tom Conlon, Jason Harrod, Harrod and Funck, Miranda Stone, and Gordon Stone.