Aaron White

Aaron White

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Grammy Nominated Native American Musician,Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Native American Flute Maker /Player, Artist, Lecturer on the Native American Flute and Music.


Grammy Nominated Aaron White is a mix of Native American sounds and modern music. Mixing the traditional and main stream with world music overtones. From solo Acoustic Instrumentals, Native American Flute melodies to Reggae, and Acoustic Blues Rock. His musical influences come from different experiences from the life he has lived and the people he has met. From being in Rock bands and blues bands and taking from his Native Roots and up bringing and traditional influences and values. Aaron White has performed with the Flagstaff Symphony,collaborated with John Densmore of the Doors and shared the stage with numerous artist Taj Mahal,Jackson Browne,Bruce Cockburn,Shawn Colvin,Alvin YoungBlood Hart.

You can say Aaron has a sound that is vibrant and alive with culture, nature and beauty. He had been with the group Burning Sky for 12yrs, Skychasers for 3yrs, Blue Stone Project for 5yrs and performs as a solo artist when not with his group. Aaron is currently performing w/ Anthony Wakeman and they have released their first cd in May of 2011, "Handprints of Our People" on Canyon Records. His first group Burning Sky had a Grammy Nomination in 2003 for Best Native American Recording And Won for Group of the Year for 2003 From The Native American Music Awards. Aaron has been on the road for about 18yrs and wouldn't change it for the world. Aaron White performed at the Lincoln Center and The Museum of the American Indian in New York City in Dec 2009 and has done many performances for major private Corporate Functions around the country,(Hermes of Paris, World Scotland Bank, Chase Bank, Mars Co, Teva, Super Bowl XL11 New York Giants Party, Porsche Car Co, Sprint) to name a few.


Aaron White has 12 recordings out. And numorous compilations.

Burning Sky-(Canyon Records)1993.
Blood of the Land-(Canyon Records)1995.
Creation-(Canyon Records)1996.
Enter the Earth-(RYKO Disc)1998.
Skychasers-Full Moon Sessions-(WhistlingWind Music/Canyon Records) 2000.
Spirits in the Wind w/ special guest John Densmore-(Canyon Records) 2002, (Gammy Nominated 2003).
Simple Man-(Canyon Records)2004.
Blue Stone Project w/ special guest John Densmore-(Canyon Records)2007.
Blue Stone Project/Solstice Dream-(WhistlingWind Music)2009.
Compilation-Native American Blues and More-Dixie Frog Records/France-2009 European release only.
Aaron White/Into the Night-(WhistlingWind Music)2009.
Hand Prints of our People (Canyon Records) Release-May-2011.

Music Film credits:

Sud Funk- Life of the Navajo. German PBS-1996
Secret of Lizard Women/ABC-Nickelodian-1996
True Whispers/Navajo Code Talkers-PBS-2002
Doe Boy/Randy Redroad Chris Eyre Producers-2002 (NHK Winner Sundance Film Festival)
World Of the Navajo/NHK Production Japan
Shiori Producer 2005
Sheraton Wild Horse Promotional Film-2006 With Complilation CD.
Weaving Worlds-PBS 2007-Bennie Kline Producer.
The Tennis Channel/Enchantment Resort Sedona,AZ-2009
Two Spirits PBS June-2011-Russell Martin and Lydia Nibley Producers.
You can find our music on i-tunes and rapsody......

Set List

I have enough music for a 4hr gig. All original and some covers as well.