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Grymie Episode -Episode One 2002
AAV-True 2 the Game 2003
AAV-Can You Hear Me? 2007

Streaming tracks on RDL101.com
Keep It Pushing 2007-Current

Streaming tracks on funender.com:
Trapped and Confused 2006
Keep it Pushin' 2005
You Can't 2005
Changes 2006-2007

Streaming tracks on DagoSD.com
Get It Poppin' 2005
You Can't 2005
7'Oclock 2007

Streaming tracks on CrimsonPulse.com
Stations: CP Radio and CP Fresh Radio
Keep it Pushin' 2007



Out of the saturated, generic identity that has become Hip Hop, a new voice emerges. This voice relates to the working class people, who are the back bone of our country. A voice that considers all ages, cultures, relations and backgrounds important to mental and spiritual elevation. This voice is known, as AAV (Double AV).

AAV is a songwriter, producer and rapper with a vision to demolish the negative stereotypes and resurrect the true essence of Hip Hop. Hailing from San Diego, CA, AAV is on a mission to reestablish a positive perception of the Hip Hop Culture. Since the inception of his career, as emphasized by his debut album entitled ¡§True 2 The Game¡¨, AAV has devoted his work to creating fun, uplifting and entertaining music for people to enjoy. With his unique sound and his expressive lyrics AAV is on the way to becoming a favorite among all who love music.

*Production Credits*

© True 2 The Game (2003)
© Can You Hear Me? (2007)
© Hip Hop Unlimited (Current Project)

*Performance Credits*

That Funktion (2008)
The Playhouse Club (2003-2004)
The San Diego Juneteenth Festival (2003)
Blind Melons (2005)
Cane¡¦s Bar and Grill (2005)
Various Underground Venues (2003-2007)

*Broadcast Credits*

RDL101.COM "The REAL Deal" (2007-Current)
CrimsonPulse.com (2007-Current)
DagoSD.com (2005-2006)
4th and B Nightclub (2003-2004)
E Street Alley Nightclub (2003-2004)