Acid Jazz/Hip Hop - French Hornist/Vocalist/Keyboardist who has performed with Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Lenny Kravitz and the top musicians of his day.


Say “French Horn” and most people think of the Blue Danube Waltz or an instrument that most of us avoided like the plague when we were in senior band, opting instead for the hipper sounds of the trumpet, bass or sax.

However, Alex Brofsky is not most people. The native New Yorker has been a composer, arranger, producer and performer for most of his life.

It would take a classically-trained musician like Brofsky, who embraces all forms of music, to put together the eclectic yet specific sound of AB+. His music is a finely blended collection of original songs including strong vocals with powerful arrangements that draw upon Brofsky's roots in classical music as well as his background in jazz and hip-hop.

The multi-talented Brofsky has performed and recorded with jazz and pop greats such as Lenny Kravitz, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, McCoy Tyner and Sonny Rollins. Brofsky most recently played French Horn on a compilation of Stevie Wonder songs by artists such as Marc Anthony, Mary J. Blige, Eric Clapton and others. He has done remixes for hip-hop superstars such as Da' Brat and Mary J. Blige. His song $tar War$$ was #1 on the MP3.com hip hop charts for over a month, ahead of such names as Dr Dre, Master P, and Q-Tip, and he has had two #1 Acid Jazz songs on mp3.com as well (Say it and Honey Joint). Named by mp3.com as one of the top five unsigned artists out of over 1 million on the site, he has also been featured on numerous mp3.com commercial CDs and has nearly 400,000 plays on his mp3.com website.


Beat Demons - Ghetto Jazz (NuBreed, 1995)
AB+ - The Unentitled (RedLine 1999)
One - DAM CD - 2003
Absolution - DAM Cd - 2002

Many songs being played on college radio stations throughout the country

Set List

Each set - approximately 50-55 minutes of Hip Hop/Acid Jazz

T Funk
Time Alone
Rich Boy Blues
At Last