Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Currently being developed, ABACUS MANIFEST is like the love child of NIN and Portishead from the brain of a man who should have never existed. They bring together Trip-Hop and Industrial Rock while crafting songs that are just as suited in a lounge bar as they are in a dance club.


ABACUS MANIFEST, a down-tempo industrial trip-hop solo act, was formed in 2011 by singer/multi-instrumentalist Brick Mauhlle at the request of zenTree media LLC founder Eruch Kimball. Mr. Kimball, while serving in the U.S. Army Band, formed a series of bands to express what he felt were artistic holes in the current music markets. Mr. Mauhlle, having extensive experience as a creative and performance artist, fit the bill and allowed these two visionaries to create a sound that has been described as “The love child of NINE INCH NAILS and PORTISHEAD.”

While stationed in Virginia, serving his country, Mr. Kimball had several creative meetings with Brick to flesh out the overall sound, approach, and production of ABACUS MANIFEST. During these often dimly lit, smoke infused meetings these two artists created a world of highly visual lyrics and a whole geography of sounds and rhythms to portray what was bubbling up from their souls.

Because ABACUS MANIFEST was created as a one man show, Brick sought to give the band a unique stage image and approach to what a “live concert” meant for his brain child. Working with local alternative models and creating a deeply lit stage show, Brick brought a one man show with a backing “band” of disinterested nonchalant statuesque waif-like beauties to East Coast art houses and community theaters, encouraging a wide variety of other artists, from painters and photographers, to movement actors and dancers, to come and create art inspired by the world of an ABACUS MANIFEST live show.

“I always wanted to create a spontaneous, improvised community of creative folks to come and share in the experience of our shows. What we do onstage is half concert and half fashion show, and I want the audience, if there is even a defined line between audience and fellow performer, to be as much a part of the expression that takes place as possible,” says Brick, speaking of their open format for live appearances.

ABACUS MANIFEST is currently in development.