Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

The musical project Abakuya was born with the meeting of two musicians, Jimi Sofo (Australia) and François Essindi (Cameroon), and toock place in 2006 thanks to an exchange travel organized by the Association in Cameroon.


A storyteller from the Bulu world, François Essindi is more than ever an Artist, who never stops exploring new ways through his writing that might have been lost forever, innovating at the same time the approach and the quality of Cameroonian rhythms.
Sofo Jimi :
An Australian Bass player and music writer, Jimi Sofo is an inspired globe-trotter, bringing his ears and instruments through the whole world. His playing is full of poetry, free and ludic.


Auto prod:

2008- Cd Primitive love.

2010- Cd Abakuya Ep

Set List

François Essindi: African harps, shells and various percussions/ Songs / Stories
Jimi Sofo : Bass, violon, guitar
François Marnier: accordéon.
We sometimes invite a drummer gust.