A Balance Between

A Balance Between


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Shadows Disconnect

Written By: Jeremy Hernandez

can you hear me
don't decieve me now
the worst has yet to come
in time we all fade as one

the shadows disconnect

to share a time to pay respect
to open up open your trust
it's not enough don't swallow
your sorrow that circles your life
must break away fade out fall away
know your place today and
if all fails you've been lead astray
so maybe next time
may be the last time
you die this way
fade out fall away

open up don't give up
your right to fall don't lose it all

stand down don't fall
rise up don't crawl

if you fail to remember
i decided you left her
lying there so unfair
without no one to hold
no one to love
so lost your voice
never gone
pay respect
don't live through regret
she always said live to pretend
trust your gut the worst is enough
the worst is enough

open up don't give up
your right to fall but
don't lose it all

i feel we need to know when the pain will go

if you can hear me now
scream out

open up don't give up