A Balance Between

A Balance Between


A blend of rock, hardcore and experimental. Heavy riffs blended with ambient atmospheric sounds.


Started in the summer of 2007, a new group would rise from the ashes of a stale New Jersey music scene. What started out as an acoustic solo endeavor would soon evolve into a four piece rock band destined for greatness. Combining riff rocking anthems, melodic aggressive vocals, and a nasty rhythm section are what give this band the fresh, unique sound that lacks in music today.

The group has been writing their debut record since day one. Their show history is small but quite impressive. Selling out Maxwell's, a well respected venue in Hoboken New Jersey, on two separate occasions. The live show is loud, smooth, and focused, leaving their audience astonished, overwhelmed, and ever growing. The word is spreading like wildfire.
The name responsible for this pure earsplitting aggression is none other than: A BALANCE BETWEEN.


currently working on our first full length album

Set List

Our set can be anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes, all original music.

Songs include:

Force This Sound
Burn to Shine
They Say
Can't Even Say