a balladeer

a balladeer


After releasing 2 successful albums (p&c EMI), winning several Dutch awards and supporting acts like Keane, Live and Saybia, a balladeer’s taking things abroad. The US album (due march 2010, containing strings by R. Kirby) tells stories about Jackie Kennedy, Matthew Shepard and Bambi Woods a.o.


a balladeer is a Dutch band, originating from Amsterdam, It was formed by singer-songwriter Marinus de Goederen.

In 2002, the band won the 3FM BuZz Award and another award the following year at the final of the annual Dutch musical contest De Grote Prijs van Nederland (The Big Prize of the Netherlands). In 2004, a balladeer opened up for international acts Saybia and Keane and released their first EP: 'Rumor Had It'. The EP featured 4 songs, including the critically acclaimed They've Shut Down Marks & Spencer, which resulted in considerable airplay in the Netherlands.

On 5 May 2006, a balladeer's debut album titled Panama was released by EMI Music. The single 'Swim with Sam' was the first single. It became a hit in the Netherlands. The album was recorded in Brussels in 2005 with Bløf producer Ronald Vanhuffel. Robert Kirby (well-known of his work for Nick Drake) arranged the strings for three songs. In early 2007, the band won a Zilveren Harp (Silver Harp), a supporting prize for promising musical artists. In February that year, their third single was released, a ballad called Robin II.

The second album, Where Are You, Bambi Woods?, was released on August 29, 2008. The album is partly about the year the lead singer lived near Dallas, Texas. Its title track is about the disappearance of porn star Bambi Woods (well-known from her role in Debbie Does Dallas). The song 'Poster Child' is about a gay student Matthew Shepard who got murdered in October 1998.

Through the years opened up for international acts Live, Keane (again), Maria Mena, The Feeling, Jay Brannan and Beth Hart.


Panama (EMI, 2006)
Where Are You, Bambi Woods? (EMI, 2008)

Rumor Had It (2004)

Swim with Sam (2006)
Fortune Teller (2006)
Robin II (2007)
Mary Had A Secret (2008)
Superman Can’t Move His Legs (2008)

Set List

SET LIST: (45 minutes; no covers)

Welcome To Vegas

Jesus Doesn’t Love Me (with excerpt from ‘Sexyback’ by Justin Timberlake)

Fortune Teller

Superman Can’t Move His Legs

Nightmare On Elm Street

When Dean Was The Man (And Monroe Always Smiled)


Plan B

Poster Child

Swim with Sam

America, America