A Band Called Quinn

A Band Called Quinn


"Fab Electro Pop from Glasgow, liable to give Alison Goldfrapp if not sleepless nights, then at least an uneasy 4mins and 51 secs when she gets to hear it... " TOM ROBINSON 6MUSIC


Singer/songwriter Louise Quinn and producer/drummer Bal Cooke have been making music under the name A Band Called Quinn for the past 5 years. During that time, they have worked with artists such as Kid Loco (who produced their second album ‘Luss’), Alex Kapranos (who plays on their first album ‘Inbetween Worlds’), The Pastels and Bill Wells. Their music has been used in films by award-winning directors David McKenzie and Penny Woolcock.


Inbetween Worlds (Album)
Luss (Album)
Sun Moon Stars (Album)

Set List

40 Minutes:
The Glimmer Song
The Audition
Unsung Feeling
Bullet Or A Friend
Fragments Of Him
Fluff Girl