Spot Collins

Spot Collins


We play wordy, irreverent folk-pop that one might sing whilst drunk in a library.


Steve Miller and Eric Cowan have been friends for quite some time. Through elementary and high school, the frequently death defying duo collaborated on many a music project. But then it came time for higher learning. They both moved to Boston, and became entrenched in academia. Steve and Eric emerged from their collegiate cocoons, and in their post-grad aimlessness, decided to give being a band a go again. Hence, Spot Collins.

Together, they play wordy, irreverent folk-pop that falls somewhere between Phil Ochs and the Mountain Goats, with a Springsteenian air about it all. A cursory listen to Spot Collins often elicits an Andrew Jackson Jihad comparison out there given our instrumental make-up, and that wouldn't be far off. But we like to think we smell much better than them.


Electric Cassandra EP (5/29/12)
Stone Cold Jane Austen EP (4/24/12)